Sunday, October 8


how many sandwiches is too many sandwiches??
that's a trick question.
ALL the sandwiches is the correct number of sandwiches
when the big action active participation rulebook demands we celebrate
eight dope and delightfully delicious days of homebaked hottness...
a.k.a. sandwich week!
word up.
and the one 'guini i go to each and every time-
(albeit done up a little baby bit different always and forever)
that's a thing.
a regular-A* banh mi is actually pretty awesome.
during this blitzkrieg of between-bread barbarianism,
there's no time, and no room, for half-steppin'.
rules is rules,
and a SUPER-ELITE banh banger is all that will be permitted on my plate.
real talk.
and far be it form me to infringe on my own declarative edicts, man.
i respect my sovereignty along the lists of landed lords of the sandwich.
check the teleport:

you know i had that semi-sourdough soft-touch baguette poppin' from the jump, son.
half starter, half yeast, all good.
that's 3 cups flour;
2 tsp salt;
4 T starter;
1 T yeast;
1 T sugar;
3 T vegan butter;
1 T olive oil;
and 1 cup warm water.
kneaded, risen, proofed, shaped, scored, and re-risen while the oven rose to 415℉,
and baked for twenty.
THAT'S that hot-hot good-good.
this bad mamma-jama has LAYERS!
like, stacks on stacks on stacks, even.
on the bottom, there's pickles.
then, shredded purple cabbage, and purplish microgreens, too!
on top of that?
slabs of homemade seitan,
dredged in cornstarch and flour laced with cayenne, lime zest, ginger, and ground mustard.
fried on both sides in a shallow sheen of unrefined coconut oil,
until it's kissed with a bit golden fry-up color.
it's crispy, and zesty, and spicy, and awesome...
is that all?
there's also paper-thin shaved red onion,
and over that, there HAD to be a heavy dose of AVO-F*ING-CADO.
hell yes.
next up?
exxxtra-firm coconut-oil-crisped tofu.
for just being beans and water and oil, that sh!t is sorcerously fantastic.
no joke.
and after all of that, you'd think we were ready to eat.
...but only if you're an A*-hole who doesn't understand
just how diabolically heavy we eff with 'guinis up in here.
y'feel me?
too much is the right amount,
and that's the only way to make yourself a sandwich.
we got rice-wine-vinegar-brined quick-mixed-picks-
salt, sugar, black pepper, rice wine vinegar,
daikon, carrot, and jalapeno, all heated and cooled
into a perfect pairing of sweet, salty, spicy, crunchy tanginess.
and then there's the sprankles-
wordimus prime, guys:
mint leaves!
the tippy-topmost baby basil leaves!
cilantro sprigs!
AND fresh surprise superhot jalapeno slices!!
when you finish it off with the obligatory vegenaise and sriracha sexxiness,
you've suddenly transformed your whole world into one well-built mutli-tiered tower
of powerful nutritious flavors and textures that should transport you into the aether
of blissful banh banh nirvana.
for serious.
we skipped the fair.
traffic was backed up for miles and hours and miles and hours,
all damned day,
as peak-season leaf-peepin' was in full leif-erikson and/or indigenous-folks'
long weekended celebratory sucksauce swing....
and we worked late, too.
and those banh mi were BIG AF.
the thrill of sitting in traffic to maybe make it to the spot before closing
was doubly diminished by all the awesomeness
of being busy at AMPERSAND TATTOO all day-
doing what we love with people who love what we do was about the best way to span time
on a sucky, muggy, cloudy saturday, anyway....
no sense in ending on a low note, neighbors.
it all really happened,
and my beat-up bellyhole thanked me all night for not putting it through the paces
of a grease-filled gargantuan glutton-fest again.
maybe i'm growing up?
maybe i'm getting old?
maybe i'm just picking my battles more wisely?
i s'pose any or al of those may be true.
it's ALL part of the big picture,
and i'm standing back to get all the details in one frame;
never quiet, never soft.....

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