Friday, July 6


it's raining.
and that's F*ing awesome.
an immediate cool-off of all this superheated woodsly goodness
is exxxactly what i'm getting excited about right now.
the sound of the big fat drops shattering and pattering on the metal roof;
the softer, heavier sound of the leaves getting pummeled by the downpouring;
the ambient static of everything echoing
with the splashes spread out from the opened skies....
i like that, because it just reminds me that nature wins,
and while she can't be tamed, nor reasoned or bargained with,
she can sometimes come through in the clutch with her charms and gifts.
like rain, man.
maybe that's symbolic?
just when it looks like things are getting too hot to handle,
here's a solution falling right out of thin air.
wouldn't that be cool?
i'm not counting on a second benevolent boon to drop into my lap;
so i'll spend another second being grateful for circumstance,
and get back to work.
and what i'm working on
besides the acres on acres of skin i've been scraping at the studio,
is sandwich week.
because sandwiches are the TRUTH, and truth telling is what i do best.
what's the best one?
i dunno what you like, so i won't speak for you,
but i will say that the next three days are gonna be hard pressed
to improve upon the perfect sarnie, bruh.
because when it comes to sandwiches, there's only one that i absolutely HAVE to have.
that's right.
the big activated deluxxxe and luxxxurious dopeness that has ALLL the things in it.
yeah you do.
it's super fresh, it's molto hot, it's crazily complex for being mostly simple,
and it's my personal fave, neighbors.
check the teleport:

legit, there is nothin' as good as a banh mi.
and THIS one is a real superstar, for sure.
the bread?
the crumb and crust and fluff and taste and texture all go to eleven.
that's no joke.
and if you don't have good bread, you can't have a good sandwich.
rules is rules.
so obvi, y'gotta get your loaves right first.
here's how i did what i did, so you can do what you do, dudes:
in your stand mixer (just buy one, man) with the dough hook attached,
1 cup bread flour;
1 cup a.p. flour;
1 tsp sugar;
1 T coconut oil;
1 1/2 tsp salt;
1 tsp bread machine yeast;
3/4 cup warm water, w/ 1 pkg regular-A* yeast, and 1 tsp agave, bloomed 10 minutes-
knead it like you need to, for ten-ish minutes,
or until it's a smooth ball of the best dough ever.
cover it and let it rise for half an hour,
punch it down, divide it into three loaves and shape it up.
let 'em rise for thirty minutes, arranged together side by side,
and bake 'em at 350℉, convection-style, for twenty minutes.
...y'all ain't ready, man...
dudes, check the teleport:

it's got everything elite all at once, and it's always a crowd pleaser.
i was pleased, anyway;
and dylan, my constant sandwich companion,
had his very first experience with the best one of the bunch....
he was not disappointed either.
it's got pickles on the bottom,
followed by alfalfa sprouts, and shaved red onion strips.
on top of that?
coconut-oil crisped thin-sliced sweet potato chips!
a few minutes of fried-up high intensity heat on each side had us feasting on gently browned, softened crispy-edged expertism dressed in orange hues.
and then there's AVO-F*ING-CADO, holmes.
y'gotta get that squish, especially since it acts as glue.
the avocado was so perfectly ripe i almost thought it was kidding.
like, how do you get such lucky good fortune in the center of such a fabulous 'guini?
who cares!! just enjoy it. it's good,
and that's all you need to know when it's sandwich week.
the pickled radish and carrot? TILTY like you read about.
that's a thing.
rice vinegar, and a little water, and shredded carrot and radish,
marinated long enough to get a vaguely sulfury stank to it.
(relax, it tastes amazing).
that's mandatory banh mi accessory activation.
and it's worth it.
then there's the coconut fired tofu.
i do that a LOT, because it's always amazing.
this was true to form, and reliably rewarding.
make sure you put it on there, or your banh mi is gonna only be mostly-dope,
and that's not enough, kiddo.
too much is the right amount.
THAT's why there's so many mutha-effin' sprankles:
basil! mint! cilantro! scallion! jalapeno!
5x the spranks, 2000% more dope.
wordimus prime.
AND there's still that vegan mayo on that soft sexxxy bread to consider,
AND sriracha for the WIN.
victorious, glorious, uproarious, notorious.
the banh mi scene at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress is legendary,
and it's the ONLY sammie i have to have every time.
because it's the best one,
and that's no joke.
as usual, we're outta time.
i'm too busy for life.
i'm too hurried to hang out.
i'll make time for what's most important,
and i'll take time, by force, if needs be.
but right now,
i'm looking up at clearing skies,
and saying thanks to ma nature for that little interlude.
it's all really happening,
and it all unfolds the way it's supposed to.
that's Positive Mental Attitude working in concert with determined interactive
participatory warrior poetry,
and well-kept composure in the face of a raging, savage stormswept gypsy heart.
all there is is what we do, and what we do is be dope, right?
otherwise we F* right off, and that's not invited;
never quiet, never soft.....

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