Monday, July 9


sandwich week is over and out.
yeah, man, and i'm sad to see it go.
that's the truth.
i just F*ing love sandwiches.
and also,
i love good homemade bread.
i love it so much, i made all the buns and stuff from-scratch all week long,
and the last ones were some of the best ones, too.
italian-style no-knead high-rise sfties are key,
when you're making something with tomato-based sauce on top.
it just makes sense to go hard on the bread, bro.
better sandwiches start with better bread.
that's a thing.
and with a bomb-A* loaf on the table, the filling had to be expert, for sure.
even though i had berfday obligations to fulfill for a friend,
i STILL made myself some new hottness that went straight past ten on the charts,
and rested comfortably at eleven on the deliciousness scale.
i mean it,
check the teleport:

that's how you end it on a high note, neighbors.
with a big fat sarnie, positively packed to the top with all the best straightforward flavors.
i needed that.
a fond farewell to the best eight days on the calendar.
are those plump, juicy red lentil seitan sausage slices?
yeah they are!
and i semi-soaked 'em in a custom marinade that was oh-so-tight.
that's right.
the perfect bite of homemade custom spiced hottness,
even MORE awesome through further activation of their natural greatness.
the o.g. recipe is here.
but, once they were made, i gave 'em a little olive oil brown-up,
and then gave them a little baby bath to get 'em all super-soaked in sexxxiness.
that's 1/4 cup of water, and a teaspoon of smoked paprika,
GPOP, tamari, and liquid smoke, with black pepper added in at the end.
those fatties soak it up quickle, and it adds a whole 'nother other depth to their flavor.
i suggest you do it to it, and then i dare you to try to tell me i'm wrong.
it's called confidence, and when it comes to radial vegan eats, i've got it by the buttload.
this sandwich was almost sort of an afterthought.
i'm busy, kids.
like, too busy, and there's waaaay more to do than i can possibly fit
into even a wakeful 22 hours of up-and-at-'em active participation.
i knew i needed it,
and i knew i wanted something with sauce.
i just crushed up some fire-roasted tomatoes and heated 'em up.
so simple, but so good. the flame-grilledness really activates the whole sandwich.

loo at those broccolini florets.
i mean, just LOOK at 'em.
yeah, boi-
oven roasted in a shallow oven-safe pan,
with a little baby bit of olive oil and pink salt,
at 350℉, until they're jussssst this side of softened...
and grilled sweet potatoes, browned on both sides in the griddle?
TILTY like you read about.
and those blacked leeks?
all the power of onion, all the subtlety of shallot-
only, cooler in shape and firmer in texture....
that's really pretty linear.
foods that are what they are, all together,
with those spicy sausages to tie it all up in a bow.
that's loud, fresh, hardness, on soft bread, for your face.
and now it's all done until the next first sunday.
that means no more sandwiches for a little minute.
i don;t even have time to feel sad, tho-
i'm overbooked at AMPERSAND TATTOO.
i'm overwhelmed at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
i'm overwrought with emotion, likely because i'm overtired;
and all of it is all-at-once really happening, all crazy, crazy, crazy, all the time in my face.
there's no room for errors,
there's no room for sleeping,
there's no room for taking a deep breath-
today is the day,
and i'm careening into it, like a daredevil acrobat,
attacking every available angle of geometric physical performance,
all so i can come home, make a little supper, and go to sleep.
i'll earn the oblivion i'm headed towards,
and then, after a few short hours, all of this will all get underway all over again.
that's how it works in the woodsly goodness in the summer.
MORE of all of what's already underway,
and no time for anything else;
never quiet, never soft.....
*apologies for any incoherence. i'm basically asleep on my feet today

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