Wednesday, July 11


alright, man.....
i'll do one more sandwich, for sandwich week.
y'know, because too much is the right amount.
that's my reasoning, and that's the way i operate,
so, i did the thing, because that's what i DO, dudes.
check it:

AND seitan.
it isn't always the biggest and the most beautifullest that wins.
i know- that's crazy talk, but it's also real talk.
because the objective here is MORE.
MORE is the real mvp, bruh.
like, fresh-baked, from-scratch sprouted wheat sourdough.
that's somethin'.
but, now imagine it's literally flame-grilled for that charring championship taste.
good bread makes better people,
and the naturally-leavened lusciousness of my loaves
leaves nothing to be desired in the realms of taste, texture, crust, and crumb.
that's the truth.
so, there's bread.
then, there's those FAT slabs of portobello mushroom,
slowly cooked down to a massively meaty consistency,
with just salt and olive oil and heat working in unison to activate the least slimy,
but most tender no-so-mushy-room magic.
that's somethin', too.
and grilled zukes?? yeah. i mean, c'mon
zucchini is a staple for the grill-top,
because that's what you DO when it's summer;
and when it's summer, we've no time for bummers, bruh.
those are facts, and facts aren't to be faked.
so that's also somethin'.
- a little lettuce, for crawnch,
and radicchio ribbons for that barely-bitter crisp accentuation
of all the umami depths in the vegan mayo and muchroom and zukey slabs-
it works, those fresh leaves doing wonders for the flavor and texture.
you gotta get into it, or you'll never get enough out of it, man.
rules is rules,
and investing yourself in these simple things is just one step in the process.
the thing of it is:
an extra sandwich is a really truly great idea if you really truly love sandwiches.
the objective is MORE, neighbors, i already told you.
as for me?
i really do so enjoy a great sarnie, and i'll not let much interfere
with such an easily-activated upgrade to ordinary dinnertimes.
honestly, if you can turn it up to eleven,
why would you ever settle for even a perfect ten?
oh, right, we were talking about this sandwich.
there's also some seitan steaks,
the last of the big batch i brewed up at the beginning of sandwich week.
dunked in chick pea flour, and cornstarch, together with a lil baby pinch of salt,
a shake or three of GPOP, and a ton of cracked black pepper...
the coating can totally transform something already expert into something
incomprehensibly elite.
don't believe me?
that's fine.
but sear up a butt-naked batch of seitan,
and simultaneously fry yourself a little of the breaded jauns,
and the tell me you're not eating two completely different worlds,
like you're galactus on a binge.
try it. you'll see.
MORE, man.
that's what it's all about.
taking it too far, or going on too long, or just piling on way too much.
a.k.a the right amount.
you don't have to do it, but you're missing out on a whole lotta hottness if you're not.
oh, and there's also grilled sweet onions.
because i just told you how it's gotta be.
and now we're here...
the middle of july.
and it's a full-swing summertime exxxplosion of awesomeness.
dinners at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress are bumpin'.
this F*ing dog, crabtree, is definitely bumpin'.
basically, it's a bumpin' grind all day every day,
and a bump 'n' grind most nights, too.
i'll freely admit that i fear the jinx, and don't wanna overly illustrate all the high points,
but i'll just as readily confess to being supremely grateful for the time i've been given,
and the places and spaces and faces that comprise
my little pocket dimension in the great white mountainous north.
it's ALL really happening, and it's happening fast.
i'm looking around a the evolving environment surrounding me,
and i'm thinking that i like what i see;
never quiet, never soft.....

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