Sunday, November 23

apples to apples.

oh, man!
my saturday was as labor intensive as i'd imagined.
the ins and the outs of time, in proportion to money,
in relation to effort,as it pertains to satisfaction,
was a total sh!t-salad sandwich of hard styles and harder feelings.
it wasn't my best day.
my nighttime routine was altered slightly,
and i took the time to terrorize some fruit on the stovetop.
the highlight of my spanned saturday timeline was slowly simmering
a squadron of apples on the stovetop.
that's real.
slow cooking brown sugar and maple syrup, and vanilla beans,
with pulverized apple bits, and sweetened lemon juicy juice,
with a dash of all the pie-type spices, forever and ever,
was what my hands were busy stirring on throughout the dark hours, duders.
homemade vegan apple butter business is the business i'm in, i guess.
because i knew i was looking for something extra special this sunday morning,
and i am always aware that too much is the right amount....
in the interest of unwarranted rewards for being alive and unwell every damned day,
check the expert-sunday-morning-special-type teleport:
maple brown sugar apple muffins!
so good for my face,
so much better for my morning,
so much best with that apple butter in the middle.
maple syrup sweetened crispy crawnchy cortland apples,
stewed down to a juicy compote,
and added into the oat flour and the wheat flour and the brown sugar,
and all the other other ingredients,
making the moistest mountainous molassesy mass of tuff-enuff muffin mix.
and a whole mess of oats and cinnamon and butterishness,
and oatflour, and a dash of toasted coconut, for that dutch-style streusel.
because chunky autumny sprankles are SO rad on top of a muffin,
and that's real talk forever and ever and always.
no joke.
the thing is,
on their own,
these muffins have got the flavor and the freshness and the texture
and the hottness all poppin' off on point,
but with that dark, deep, dense, sweet-tart sweetheart jumpstart of
activated apple butter blasted basting??
it all goes instantly to eleven.
and that's where the worthy warrior poetry gets going.
i may make it look easy,
like sunday morning,
but i go hard on my kitchen action,
every time.
i expect the same from my apples, too, guys.
i'm sayin',
if i'm ready to represent on hours of stirring the pot,
withOUT causing a commotion,
just for six bites of pure bliss?
well, yeah, right?
i mean it.
all that attention for a far shorter term of rewards.
what are you gonna doo-doo to get freaky-diki with YOUR sh!t?
it's always worth the effort.
anything else is really unworthy of respect.
nobody likes lazy, nobody likes quitters,
and nobody likes a muffin without more to it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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