Sunday, November 9


i haven't made dinner in a little minute over here.
that's the truth.
i make food,
and y'all already know i'm still going hard at my treats game,
but i haven't made a meal in over a month.
that has got to be a new low for the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress test kitchen.
it's not cool.
and just swallowing down nutrients, unnurtured and denatured,
for sustenance without substance?
i'm pretty sure that's a bad thing.
intention and attention are important when nourishing the big picture, neighbors.
it's kind of the whole point, y'know?
like, ALL of it is what's really happening.
ALL of it is important.
i s'pose i need to get up on it,
get off of this weeklong maker's hiatus,
and start this stove the F* up.
on the ones,
even though my morning routine is tremendously comforting?
it's not cooking.
Tea'N'Toast i love the most.
but i'm missin' the passion of pots and pans.
real talk.
and all that beige on aqua-colored stoneware just makes me more motivated
to get way more expert, and dominate this week in culinary hottness.
it's not just about knives and forks-
that's more of a symptom than a cause-
in really real no-foolin' actual life?
it's all about shortcomings.
shortcomings and the ability to critically look at yourself.
the thing is,
the rules are the rules when you're reppin' warrior poetry....
and rule numero uno is the all-encompassing template for active participation.
you know what it is don't you?
that's correct-
just be dope, or F* right off.
if you were making a plot summary of worthy woodsly goodfellowship,
that would be the one sentence to accurately distill and describe the concentrated essence.
it's a hard style, and there are no grey areas between the dopeness and the doo-doo butter.
that also means it's past time for your favorite hairy hermit to stop F*ing off.
i just took up a whole week of making nothing?
no costumes, and no dinners, either?
am i not invited to my own table?
take it easy, kids.
i'm ON it.
there will be more of all of it,
as of right now.
cuisine is on deck,
costumes are in the works,
tattbombin' craptasms are unfurling their minky tendrils every day,
and i'm even gonna get that yard-work tard-word rake jauns poppin',
as well as my cake reality all the way on point.
there's more to do than time to do it,
but all of it has to get done.
more more more more MORE MORE MORE MORE.
that's what we want,
that's all there is;
never quiet, never soft.....

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