Wednesday, November 12


i see a lot of stubbly dummies these days.
i guess it's no-shave november?
alas, neighbors,
i just don't believe in that sort of thing,
as i am clearly a man every day, around the clock, all year long.
i don't reserve thirty days for playing dress up as a burly barbarian.
don't get me wrong,
it's cute the way these guys are trying out full-fledged man status for a minute.
i guess that's a thing that goes on these days?
trial-sized experiences, and taste-test samples of really real life?
y'know something, guys?
i can't hang out with that.
i do what i do, and i don't make decisions i haven't weighed first.
i s'pose i'm alone in that?
i'm alone in the Fortress today, at any rate,
and the skies aren't cooperating with my plans for kamikaze blitzing all the leaves
piled inches high across the grounds,
covering every inch of the earth around my house.
the idea was to clean up my mind and clean up the gardens,
and amass all that A* into huge heaps...
...or pyres, really,
for burning down the house and tidying up the unfinished business
of another 'nother tough autumn.
it doesn't look good for doo-dooing much yard work.
i mean,
it's already masochistic-
ruining a whole day with responsible adulthood's worst attribute.
i'm talking about maintenance, of course.
it's SO much less rewarding, (and apparently very boring)
to just keep up with what you've already got.
but then to also being cold and wet the whole time you perform this most odious task?
that seems just plain stoopid.
and if there's one thing i'm not, it's stoopid.
at least i've already got a beard, huh?
i think it would be more appropriate, really,
if we put forth an idea i think we can all actually endorse.
no-hope november.
check the teleport:
i found it today,
while pulling out the dead and busted crusty bits
from the leafy leavings along my entryway.
that's what hope looks like, amid the dregs of a northern autumn.
pretty ragged, very haggard, not the least bit hearty, hardy, nor hale....
i'll be honest,
i really don't think it's doing too well.
can you dig it, kids?
i figured you could.
no-hope november.
it's surprisingly easier than not shaving will ever be;
never quiet, never soft.....

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