Tuesday, November 11

there will always be cake.

no matter what, neighbors,
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress does NOT get cheap with the treats.
that's real.
i get up early and i get going almost immediately.
it's just that i really respect hard work,
and i really really respect results.
i am very frequently cold.
it's cold outside, it's cold inside,
and i'm cold inside and outside.
the best way for me to get a little warmer, in all regards,
is to fire up the oven.
it's a whole big ol'  bunch of expertism,
having a hotbox doing double duty as a sugar-and-flour alchemy spot,
and an ambient-temperature raising rig,
and it's both of those things while it also boils water for my tea.
today is the day, duders.
that's the hottness, all damned day long.
and it has to be,
because those are the flippin' rules.
i love treats,
and i need to make 'em when i'm feeling like there's a storm brewing in
the woodsly goodness.
not like a cold front.
like a savage stormswept raging battle-beastly berserker-style jauns.
baking is an exercise in methodical patience.
it's good, and it's good for the meditative calm it imparts on me.
but when i woke up this morning,
i knew i needed to get loud, fresh, and hard for your face,
because a double eleven is a serious thing.
check the teleport:
coffee cake.
no. not coffeecake.
coffee. cake.
there's coffee in it.
not for it.
i used allllll the styles, too-
instant dissolved stuffs,
triple-espresso cold-brew business,
and a dash of the extract, too.
coffee cake.
and in the middle, between that moist and magical split brown crumb sh!t?
creamy, dreamy, incredibly expert coconut creamchee' frosty blops.
that's no joke.
and on top of all of that elite sweetness?
coffee-laced, and coffee-infused coconut frosting.
wordimus prime.
too much is the right amount.
and that's how you know it's on point.
i do what i do, no matter what.
today is the day.
and i'm busy.
like, super busy.
all day long.
and that's good news, too.
i mean it.
nobody likes lazing around.
nothing happens when you do that.
and really, when we are discussing Folk Life in these mountains,
i'm pretty sure it's ALL really happening.
which is not to say things aren't happening elsewhere.
i'm SO sure they are.
it's just that this is my life, here,
and that's all i can speak on.
the good news?
i'll speak on it at length,
through a mouthful of cake.
there's always something good, kids.
it's just not always proportionately capable of overcoming;
never quiet, never soft.....

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