Tuesday, November 4

get the gloves.

take a closer look,
i mean, here's some of the details.
now that hallowe'en has been over and done with for a little minute,
the props are in need of props while they're being propped up in the closet.
it's just that they look so cool,
and they aren't really practical for everyday wear-
so all of that hard work is hanging up, piled high, out of the way.
i'd prefer to display them,
but i'll need a few mannequin arms.
until then,
maybe just take a closer, like i said.
check the glove-gettin'-gauntlet-type-teleport:
c'mon, neighbors.
pretty neat for pvc and plastics, foam and led ropes, no?
i'm just pleased with the end product.
even though i've showed it off a bit already,
the little bits and the bigger pieces warrant some more attention.
y'gotta see both sides, too....
teleport right:
and the other one...
teleport left:
i'm encouraged to do more.
even though i'm discouraged regarding the point of doing more.
i guess the whole point IS more.
that's a thing, after all.....
yes, that makes more sense to me.
too much is the right amount.
and speaking of that,
i don't think i showed off the backpack attack accessories
from my last costume as closely as i'd have liked.
maybe check out some of those little bits, as well.
i love skulls!!
here, have a few more,
in a row,
of assorted angles an' views an' that:
ray guns!!! twin cannons, blasting out imaginary activation all over the place.
and the other other one:
that's a lightning glove:
i think i need to do more.
because there really shouldn't be any actual useful empty space anywhere in
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
and i aim to make that the truth in practice throughout the closets
and the cabinets and the cupboards and the crawlspaces.
i'll be working today, as usual,
and i'll be thinking about crafty craftsmanship while i'm there.
the days i span should be as full as my house,
and i'm not prepared to accept anything less.
making minutes into monuments,
making monuments into magic,
making magic happen every single second.....
that's a force multiplier orders of magnitude above the norm.
today, every second counts,
and i'm counting on that to get everything right.
it's all really happening,
fast forward and rewind all at once;
never quiet, never soft.....

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