Wednesday, November 26

breaking faster.

lightly sweetened with those big ol' raw sugar sprankles.
sorry, neighbors-
i was just thinking about how flippin' expert our busy bakery
breakfast business was with my daughters this morning.
its Tea'N'Toast, because i dig it the most...
but, this morning,
we celebrated our family-style togetherness with something else.
these lazy teenagers slept way in,
and i did so much move-making before they rose and shone....
once they were up, and at them, with me in my kitchen,
deep in the pre-snow blizzard-heightened woodsly goodness,
all comfy, and cozy, in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
we mixed it up a bit,
and baked it off in record time.
check the morning-glorious-type teleport:
corn muffins for your ever-lovin' FACE.
and those are freeze-dried extra-sexy blueberries up in 'em, too.
those crawnchy berry jauns really take it all the way to eleven.
no foolin'....
goobiebloppin' batter blarps make for a whole textural magic situation.
two kinds of cornmeal are exactly what we all want.
you know it.
that silky smooth masarepa,
and that gritty polentafied bigness, too.
me and mine know about breakfast.
we have a relationship based on active participation,
and professional appreciation of the important aspects of our day,
especially when it comes right down to our literal daily bread an' that.
it's a derailed day of doing very little,
so what we do,
we do to the max.
this is it.
from the first cracked open eyelid, to the last lilting lens,
ultimate involvement,
and so much real talk.
i tell it like it is, and they listen,
then we switch places, and i'm all F*ing ears for a spell.
today is the day;
never quiet, never soft.....

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