Friday, November 28

pumpkin pie.

thanksgiving desert times pretty much demand a pumpkin pie.
i think that's actually a rule?
y'all know how i love a good rule,
so you know how much i had to get busy with it in the kitchen.
i didn't just make too much food, neighbors.
i also made too much treats.
creamchee' and brown sugar;
tapioca and a scoople of wheat flour;
maple flippin' syrup;
cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, mace, and cloves;
a whole mess of pureed pumpkin;
flax seeds and vanilla and maple extract;
and a pinch of salt......
all of that, together forever, in a thankful disc of dirty dopeness.
oh, well, without eggs, and without silken tofu,
that super-smooth vegan creamchee' made the whole thing incredibly velvety.
i mean it.
what, now?
you'll have to see it for yourself?
check the pumpkin-pie-is-mandatory-type-teleport:
there is cinnamon oatmeal streusel mashed into meal,
with graham crackers, and brown sugar and butterish,
and those two types of crunchy goodness
are teaming up to make the most expert piecrust you've ever even heard about.
that's real.
it's so good, i spread it up and over the top,
onto the filling and towards the center, for extra crumbly super-hottness
all around the rim.
oh, yes, i did-
and in turn, that inspired idea provided a base for those cinnamaplecider swirls.
the crumbs kept 'em from sugarmelting into the pie, guys.
and that made all of it even more enjoyable.
the kids love cake and pie,
and i love the kids.
we all had all of it, and e made it happen through our own intense
active participation in the test kitchens of this cold and wintry Fortress.
it was nice.
a clan of battle-beastly bakery barbarians being ourselves and producing results.
we do what we do,
even when we don't know what we're doing.
tell me about it.
the thing of it always is that it's all always really happening.
unfolding outwards and enveloping us in a fully-formed-fully-functional
fresh-to-death Folk Life.
we're pretty F*ing lucky.
we could've just watched a parade and some college football.
i'm thankful we aren't that kind of people.
real talk;
never quiet, never soft.....

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