Thursday, November 13

breakfast in beige.

so much oatmeal.
i mean it.
but, not that chunky jauns, though.
i'm talking about ground up oat groats,
all floury an' that.
oaten magic is delicious,
especially on cold mornings.
i got a bowl, and i dropped a stick of balanced earthy butteriness in it,
and then a dollop or three of vegan creamchee',
and all the flours.
oat, mostly,
but also wheat,
and tapioca, too.
i had a half a cup of ground coconut hiding in my refrigerator,
and i added that in (to no noticeable effect) as well.
the thing is,
i wanted scones, or so i thought...
but it turns out i wasn't feeling especially prone to the nostalgia of scone activation.
i improvised a little, and made some new new hottness.
once i added a little sugar and salt,
and some rising agents,
and some wet blops and glops,
i folded the dough sixteen times,
in half and with a half turn, each time.
SO many layers show up when you do that, neighbors,
and that's expert.
i chopped up some dried cranberries,
but that seemed inadequate to my needs,
so i also got two kinds of raisins, for extra big action.
those little golden baby ones,
and the burly brownified elderly grape sultana blops,
in equally large handfuls,
made the dough super official.
i cut 'em into circles.
i did.
i mean,
it turned out what i really wanted was burly barbarian biscuits, b!tches...
and those round-style jauns are what's poppin'.
check the teleport:
with some lemon-almond drizzle stripes,
and a dusty puff of cinnamon, too?
i'm not trying to slouch on my big breakfast business.
no way, not once, not ever...
there will always be treats.
i said it;
it's documented;
i meant it.
consider it a decree.
no matter what else is swirling around,
there are things that need doing.
and i do what i do.
i even do too much of it, too.
that's supposed to be the right amount.
(it might be not enough)
i guess i'll just keep it up,
because what else would i do?
that's it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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