Friday, November 21

cookies, correctly called.

not baking is as delicious as baking sometimes.
specifically, this time, the oven was off but the range was roaring.
i mean it.
quick oats and fancy dried flake unsulphured coconut, and vanilla,
plus a hot pot full of vegan butter and raw sugar and peanut butter,
a whole heaping heck of a lot of cocoa,
with the added gluey gooey goodness of melted chocolate chips,
all mixed into a mass of  mushy magic!!!
i spent some time shaping blarpity blops of that shiny chunkin' chocolaty stuff.
and when i had some circles set up,
i brought the big action to bear with a clean thumbs up thumbed down
into the middle of each and every one,
and added a dollop of coconut and peanut butter and vanilla and cream chee'
and soymilk, all swirled into a thick chick-o-sticky stamp of super sexy sweetness.
you'd have to be an A*-hole not to be all about it.
don't be an A*-hole, guys.
it's bad for you.
do, however check the stovetop-cookie-type teleport:
and i mean, YEAH!!
with a serious stripe of dark chocolate across each and every one,
to let you reaffirm that vegan bakery Folk Life activation is NOT F*ing around.
those little extras are big deals around these parts, kids.
because good enough is never enough, y'know?
that means finding ways to take it all to eleven all the time.
with that at the front of my mind, foremost in my thoughts, an' that-
i'm gonna be honest with y'all, though...
...i don't really always feel like it.
i always DO it.
rules is rules, after all,
and since the consensus was reached,
and the decree was made to
  just be dope, or F* right off,
i'm forever doing my damnedest to be the best possible version of myself.
i'm pretty tired, too.
the thing of it is,
NOT doing it would be so much worse.
taking it easy is for jerks.
that's a thing.
try hard, pay attention, know stuff, and eat a cookie.
this is the way we live now;
never quiet, never soft.....

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