Thursday, November 27


it's thanksgiving day, neighbors,
and we're keeping it molto fat up here in the woodsly goodness.
believe it.
we're getting especially expert on all kinds of extra treats.
one of my daughters looooves pumpkin pie,
the other one really loves apple bits and pieces to pieces...
don't worry, we got up early and made both.
i mean, what are we thankful for, after all?
excess, clearly.
for realsies,
too much is the right amount.
we are taking it up a level, too,
with our super fancy unnecessariness.
check the teleport:
oh, why, yes...thanks!
whole crawnchy mcintosh apple chunks up inside it,
with cider as the wetness,
and whole lots of cortlands sliced and softened,
and slathered in a luxurious layer over the tippity-top of the ultimo-moist crumb.
that's what's up.
we didn't stop there, though.
why not?
because we know about getting extra hottness in everything we do, duders.
that's why not.
in the interest of that superfly dynamite dopeness hapening in our mouths,
we freaked it off with cinnamaplecider creamchee' frosting accents.
wordimus prime.
we doo-doo that arduously ardorous activation.
what i mean is-
we love it.
and we show it how much we love it by overdoing all of it all the time.
if you aren't prepared to do something so hard you ruin it forever,
then i'm skeptical as to how much you really do in fact actually love it.
that's our way,
and that's our means,
and that's the sh!t that wins our hearts and minds.
destructive creativity,
and hateful loving.
you have to be willing to make something turn inside out and opposite,
because that's the only quantity that we understand.
i'm giving thanks for all the things i take for granted,
and i'm taking for granted all the generous gestures i give out.
there's a lesson in there somewhere,
but i'm too full to process anything non-digestion-related.
overdoing it,
and undervaluing everything else.
it's all really happening,
and that's the whole point;
never quiet, never soft.....

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