Sunday, November 30

no more

so gross.
i mean it.
i've had all i can stand, and i can't stand another day.
this is it?
it's all done?
that IS good news.
in other other news,
i had a whirlwind stopover popover from some of my peoples.
my very special co-conspirator, shawn,
and my homegirl amy,
rolled on up from the far reaches of southern new england,
away from family and other tedious trials,
and traveled further and farther to the whitened-out and wintry northern mountains.
we ate cake,
we laughed hard,
we chowed down on some dinner,
and then they headed back down south.
as quickly as all that, it was over and done with.
a fast-paced powerhouse one-two punch of hangouts,
high fives,
and snacks.
i'm just sayin',
i really needed it, too, neighbors.
because november is, was, and always will be a real A*-hole,
and there should be more experts around to temper the grim grey gayness.
that's no joke.
shawn looks a bit older these days.
harder work and higher altitudes may be maturing him a bit.
he might almost actually look 20, finally.
which is fitting in the woodsly goodness,
as the whole place is ten years late to current events, too.
check the worse-than-peter-pan-type teleport:
if daniel radcliffe and k.d.lang ever got gene spliced together,
i think i have a pretty decent idea of what the result would be.
it's the last day.
and it's the last day of family togetherness, as well.
in a short bit,
i'll be doing my own roundtrip roundhouse to asscrackachussetts,
and back up to the white mountains, and back to work by midday.
harvest and maple head back to the b!tch-burbs of connecticut,
and i get back to getting busy at the tattblastin' shack.
we rep a hard style when it comes to goodbyes,
and i have to tell y'all....
...i miss 'em already, and they're still fast asleep.
at least november is over with.
today is the day,
but tomorrow is a better one,
without those two brightest spots,
which outshine even the excess of XI-mas lights;
never quiet, never soft.....

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