Saturday, November 3


gluten-free apple snickerdoodle cookie pie.
a.k.a. the big let down.
awwwww, man.
bummer city n a cast-iron pan, man.
womp womp.
nobody was freakin' out over it, including me.
was it bad?
absolutely not.
it was delicious, actually.
it was just too F*ing beige.
i love a sexxxy-lookin' somethin',
and this just wasn't it.
maybe there was a way to make it molto expert,
but for whatever reason, it ended up being a swing and a miss.
look at this bland circle:

there's cinnamon everywhere.
there's brown sugar in there.
there's chopped up apple mixed right inside of everything.....
plus oats and sh!t, too.
it just didn't have that special something.
and honestly, i was disappointed.
a scoople of vegan vanilla nice cream helped.
so did some coconut whippy cream....
i'll bet caramel sauce would've activated some new hottness, too.
i didn't get a shot of THAT, though.
so, that's my failure.
sorry, neighbors.
they're not all winners.
sometimes, you get a solid effort that falls short of the superlative.
you don't need a recipe for this one.
i won't be making it again, either.
just thought you'd like to see the real-life documentation-
i don't always dominate the treat realm.
sometimes, i sh!t the bed a little bit;
never quiet, never soft.....

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