Thursday, November 1


i do my thing on hallowe'en.
i really do.
a singular focus, a sole purpose, a direct action for activated participatory creation.
i make a costume,
i dress up,
i trick or F*ing treat.
rules is rules, and that's what i DO.
if you like getting expert,
and you like candy,
and you like playing pretend,
and you like making radical seasonally appropriate holiday hottness,
then you're invited.
if you don't?
well, you're most likely an A*-hole, and that's your prob, bob.
real talk.
so, shoutouts to homemade costumes.
and shoutouts to lightning-striking viking berserker barbarian battle-beastly
bounty huntin' homeboys from the wastelands, or whatever,
because that's what i was, and that's what's up.
check the teleport:

yeah, boi!

purple eyes, guys!

get the boys a pair o' them shoes...

backpack attack!!

i looooove hallowe'en!

^^^^^this kid is awesome.
no fear, just positive mental attitude all damn day!
i made it all myself, just like always.
lots of late night huffing fumes,
cutting patterns and stencils,
hot gluing, industrial cementing,
and so many obsessive little details all night and all morning....
not to mention the shopping online for articles of clothing i fully intended to destroy,
which i totally did.
i had one heck of a time,
and it all went mostly seamlessly.
i am so grateful for the time i have been given,
and for the people i get to span it with.
i am lucky, and i know it.
every year is a little bit better than the last;
never quiet, never soft.....

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