Friday, November 9


dudes, i F*ing love a good curry.
that's for really-real a true story.
cumin, coriander, ginger, turmeric, paprika, garlic all over the place-
there's a LOT that goes into an expert curry, and that's no joke-
but when y'boi gets frisky with the curry scene,
you'd better believe it's usually thai-ish, and it is always coconut-based.
because red, green, or yellow, coconut curry is FIRE, bro.
i you don't get busy with that kind of hottness, you are diminished in my eyes;
and i mean that sh!t from the bottom of my deep-butt, homie.
so, if you're on board the coconut express, then strap in, and i'll fill in the blanks
on turbo-sexxxy boomfire bumfire coconut curry fuego for your face.
check the teleport:

first of all, i know you see that purple ricey-nicey-niceness, right?
that's hybrid vigor doing it's thing.
mostly, it's fragrant, long grain luscious fluffy jasmine rice,
but, creepin' in the cut?
there's a scoople of forbidden black rice freaking it off, and turning it up,
and making it blossom in blissful purple reign, man.
don't let your rice game slack, jack.
it's half the dish, after all, so turn it up to eleven and blow the doors off of your dinner.
i had thinly sliced raw carrots, shredded purple cabbage, plenty of cilantro leaf, jalapeno,
and a whole bunch of scallion sprankles all up in it to win it.
raw veg is pretty tight, so long as there's enough contrast
and compliment between them and the cooked stuff.
this was a lucky bit of balance, and it all worked together like teamwork.
that was fortunate.
there's lots of exxxxtra lime, as well.
MORE citrus zip is welcome any time at my table.
no foolin'.
those seared, steamed brussels in the corner?
soft, small, crisp-edged brussies, in a coconut curry.
that's correct.
and it's dope.
and you're welcome.
but how about that curry, though.
you wanna know what it had going for it?
it's a LOT.
and it's worth all the effort.
on the ones, too much is the right amount.
and that's all i ever want.
in a high-sided pan, on high heat, with a fat scoop of coconut oil,
sizzle up:
1 skin-on sweet potato, sliced into half-circles 1/4" thick;
one fat handful of red and orange baby graoe tomatoes;
1/2 sweet onion, roughly chopped;
2 stalks celery, bias-cut;
1 sliced peeled carrot;
3 cloves sliced garlic;
1 T skin-on organic mincey-mashy ginger.
let that soften/brown/blister about seven minutes,
then add:
2 tsp toasted ground cumin;
2 tsp ground coriander seed;
1 tsp black pepper;
1 tsp ea. GPOP;
pink salt;
let that aromatically activate, then stir in:
1 T tomato paste;
2 tsp turmeric;
2 T lime juice;
2 tsp hot paprika;
2 T minced cilantro stems;
2 T thai sambal oelek chili-garlic paste;
2 tsp sriracha;
2 T rice wine vinegar;
1 T tamari;
toss all that all over, coating everything,
and pour in 1 15oz can full-fat coconut milk.
add 1/2 cup water, stir it up,
and let it bubble and disperse the coconut fat until it's homogenous.
i added chopped jalapeno, and  three big handfuls of baby spinach too.
i like all those things, so i put 'em in there.
the liquid will absorb, and thicken, and you'll get a pasty pulpy powerful pot of hottness.
if you like your curry runny, add more water before serving, and stir it well to blend it up.
it's hearty.
i mean, it's autumn, and it's cold at night, and sweet potatoes stick to your ribs, man.
it's not overly spicy, although my nose was a lil runny-
but maybe i'm just sensitive?....could be.
here's what i know for sure- this stuff was expert,
like it always is when coconut and cumin touch parts.
i love coconut curry.
i love adaptogenic spice blends.
i love heat and i love sweet and i love you.
if y'all want more than that,
you're too hard to please, and i'm done with you for now.
until tomorrow,
it's all really still happening.
good food, and good times, good people and great news.
this is What Is, and it's all we get for now,
so lets hope it's enough to last through the day;
never quiet, never soft.....

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