Monday, November 5


i never used to eff with soft corn tortillas that often-
but these days? i'm kind of into 'em.
compared to the disappointment that i get form each and every hard taco i've ever had,
a gluten-free corn circleflap is pretty damned good, when it comes right down to it.
and i can hang out with softies forever, over the sh!t-shrapnel of a crispy crawnchy
crapcup of a hard shell.
real talk.
i get pretty heavily invested in my taco reality.
i do.
i'm kind of an all-or-nothing guy when it comes to mealtimes...
...and it's never nothin', and it's always MORE than before.
too much is the right amount,
and i don't wanna wimp out with less than the best on my plate.
check the teleport:

that's that sexxxy-sexxx, son.
but, seriously, look at all the gooooood stuff:

do you guys know how i get my refried beans to be expert?
lots of ho'sauce.
and nootch, and vegan butter, and softened sweet onion and sweet peppers and hot pepper too.
nootch-boosted ho'sauce activated hottness turns an already awesome item up to eleven.
that's the right way to get freshie-fresh with your beans, bud.
you may also want some sort of wheatless, meatless veggie crOmbles.
bro, i GOT you:
1/2 block minced tempeh;
1/2 diced onion;
1 1/2 cup halved baby grape tomatoes;
1.2 cup bell peppers;
1/2 jalapeno pepper, minced;
1 clove crushed garlic;
2 T olive oil;
saute all that-
when the onions are softening, add:
2 tsp paprika;
1 tsp oregano;
1 tsp cumin;
1 tsp coriander;
2 T fresh scallion;
2 T chopped cilantro;
1 cup water;
2 T nootch;
1 T wheatless soy sauce;
GPOP, black pepper, pink salt, to taste.
simmer that, and add 2 tsp tomato paste
to thicken it all the way with superumami megaflavor!
and there's cukes, and purple cabbage,
and bell pepper, and pickled jalapenos, and mincey onion bits,
and scallion sprankles,
AND cashew-lime sour cream, man.
i do it like i mean it because i DO mean it.
and then a wedge of lime makes it even MORE frickin' terrific.
yep. that's real.
alllll the goodness, all at once, crazy crazy crazy, all the way love in your face!
eat more tacos.
vegan ones.
gluten free vegan ones.
pretty, tasty, magical homemade ones.
you won't regret it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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