Thursday, November 1


october took up alllllllll my time.
i still did a LOT.
i just didn't talk about it all that much.
like what?
what kept me so busy??
well, take look at this big breakfast-
get right up on 'em:

that's not nuthin', neighbors, y'know?
tofu scrambo with hemp seeds and alllll the broccoli,
roasty toasty skin-on potatoes,
roasted tomatoes,
fried garlic,
purple carrots,
red onions,
and pea shoot and scallion sprankles!!
all wrapped up tight in gluten free chick-pea crêpes.
i was busy af, but i was powered by plants,
and plant power is the MOST powerful.
that's the truth.
get a huge skillet, and get it good and hot-
also get a big bowl, and mix together:
1 T chia/flax meal;
1/2 tsp salt;
1 cup bob's all-purpose gluten free baking flour (bean-based);
1/2 cup chick pea flour;
1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk;
stir it, rest it,
look at it-
it should be wet as heck, and pretty runny.
thin it out if necessary,
and then pour one ladleful at a time onto the hot, ever so slightly lightly greased skillet,
spinning it on an angle above your burner, until you get a superthin circle-
let 'em get dry on the topside before you flip 'em over for fifteen more seconds each.
that's really it.
you can do it,
and once you do it,
you can fill tem with all the fillings you can dream up.
i've used 'em to make many many manly manicotti, man.
the world is unfolding in front of you, dudes.
maybe stop for five minutes and eat some crêpes before you plunge ahead again;

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