Tuesday, November 6


cinnamon and brown sugar.
those are great, right?
you bet your bumbum they are.
and panniecakes?
c'mon, man.
breakfast griddler flaps are the TRUTH like ruth.
that's no joke.
so, if i were to make cinnamon brown sugar pancakes,
i'd probably be expert af, huh?
i did that,
and it was DOPE.
check the teleport:

coconut and oat flours, with vanilla and cinnamon and brown sugs all up in there-
plus, they're snowflake/flower/demogorgon-shaped jauns, too.
i like my 'cakes shapey, neighbors.
it's more fun to eat 'em, and you still always eat with your eyes first, amirite??
shapey cakes look like they'll taste better, and they usually do, too.
with real-deal new hampshire maple syrup, because rules is rules,
and the other stuff is for total A*-holes....
AND non-dairy coconut whippy creme,
because too much is the right amount.
y'all a bunch of lil nerds if you think that i'm not giving you this recipe-
i'm always down to spread good cheer and good food, dudes.
here you have it:
in a medium mixin' bowl, sift/stir together:
1 cup mama's gf coconut-based flour blend;
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon;
3 T brown sugar;
2 tsp baking powder;
1 tsp baking soda;
1/2 tsp salt;
1/4 cup bob's all-purpose gf baking blend flour;
1/4 cup unsweetened small flake coconut;
1/3 cup fresh-milled oat flour (that's oats crushed up in a spice grinder, bud);
1/4 cup coconut yogurt;
1 cup unsweetened vanilla coconut/almond blend s'milk;
1 tsp vanilla;
3 T melted vegan butter.
y'all ain't ready for that much hottness.
stir it, rest it, spoon it into the forms, on a hot lightly greased griddle-
one flip, when they've gotten firm, and risen on up a bunch, is the way to doo-doo it right.
remove the form after another 'nother little minute,
and make sure they're cooked all the way through.
you guys are gonna go apesh!t monkeynuts over these, though.
they're really crispish on the surface, and soft and thick and perfect everywhere else.
i like 'em.
i ate 'em.
and i also fired up some exxxtras, as well.
the big B can't just be a pan of cakes, kids.
y'see that scrambo?
it's frickin' great.
a little onion and olive oil,
some exxxtra-firm tofu,
GPOP (that's Garlic Powder and Onion Powder, for you newcomers);
black pepper, pink salt, turmeric, smoked hot paprika,
and of course nootch.
if you don't nootch your scramz, you're a piece of sh!t.
and then, a bunch of baby spinach, too.
because food is rad, and MORE food is MORE rad. duh.
blackened baby tomatoes on the side?
don't mind if i do.
fried tomatoes are british as a muh-fuhhh, and they're also tasty in all the best ways.
and of course,
there's skin-on roasted ho'sauce-activated homeboyfries.
that's a mandatory thing.
it isn't the big B without potatoes.
i over-baked these bad babies in olive oil and black pepper in a 400℉ oven.
when they were crispy,
i freaked 'em off with a pat of vegan butter,
a little minced onion, GPOP, pink salt, and texas-style hottie sauce.
that's what's good in the woods, bro.
really real talk, the tricolor fingerling potato game was on point,
just like when it's time to rock the funky joint an' that.
scallion and cilantro sprankles?
don't mind if i do.
exxxtras are expert.
that's factual.
as is having a monstrous breakfast being so good for your whole life.
you are what you eat, but you're not a monster if you devour a village worth of this hottness.
for serious,
you'll only ever be better off if you're plant-powered by this kind of hearty start to the day.
you might get a bit fatter, but it's cold as hell outside, so that's probably not so bad, either.
the most important meal,
the most massive amounts,
the biggest flavors and the best textures-
anything else is a big ol' pile of time-wastin' doo-doo buttery sh!tballs.
don't be like that.
do the right thing;
never quiet, never soft.....

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