Thursday, November 1


waffles are the TRUTH!
and coconut flour coconut sugar coconut-milk-powder activated crispy gf jauns
are the truthiest new hottness to cross my iron in an age.
word up.
check the teleport:

here's the recipe:
in a mixin' bowl, combine:
1 cup mama's gf coconut flour blend;
1/2 cup bob's all-purpose gf baking flour;
2 tsp baking powpow;
1 tsp bakey soda;
1/4 cup dessicated unsweetened coconut;
1/4 cup unsweetened plain coconut yogurt;
3 T coconut sugar;
3 T coconut milk powder;
1 cup coconut-almond vanilla s'milk;
2 tsp vanilla;
3 T oat flour;
5 T vegan butter, melted.
mix it, fix it, flop it on a hot waffle iron, and prepare your hwhole head for happiness, homies.
this is what's good.
and with real new hampshire maple syrup?
AND bananas??
AAAND coconut non-dairy whippy cream??
then it goes straight to eleven.
add in those spicy, smoky, skin-on roasted homeboyfries, and you're a champion, boi!!!
wordimus prime.
plus, maybe a half an AVO-f*ING-CADO, too?
too much IS the right amount.
that's where i'm at.
that's what i do.
it's all really happening, and that's the whole point.
i'm still playing catch-up,
but we'll get there, guys.
patience is it's own reward;

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