Wednesday, August 7


who's a little loud one?
it's lilli!
she's vocal, she's curious, she's strong, and she's big.
breezy has kept her growing at a rapid rate, with that mother's milk magic,
and it's working like fertilizer.
this baby bean has sprouted up and out, and with a laugh and a shout,
she's exploring her immediate surroundings with genuine goodness
emanating from her at every extremity.
of course, after a warm bath, she's very relaxed:

what a good baby!
it's kind of weird to see a tiny mama-clone in that crib.
i mean, on the real-
she looks 0% like me..... which is probably a good thing.
that means she'll be a cutie, and that doesn't hurt anything.
right now though,
she's a bright and shiny happy, healthy rapid-risin' wonderwoman,
and she makes me feel SO old and so young and really, just SO much of all the things,
all at once.
and then she smiles, and i dissolve into a dumb, dumpy doodie daddy,
and i get those wet eyes i keep try to avoid all the time.
it's that eye salt distilled form acres of great big giant feelings, neighbors.
who the F* thought those up?
i have 'em,
and even buried under a huge burrito, a taco, and a coffee,
they still reach the surface around this girl and her ma.
i guess they've got the secret ingredients;

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