Saturday, August 3


one exxxtra-sexxxy loaf of homemade from-scratch
fresh-baked naturally-leavened sourdough can determine
the dopeness-quotient of a whole entire day.
that's for really-real the truth.
and when you get it right, there'snot much better than good bread.
that's no joke.
good bread makes better people,
and good bread makes better dinner, too.
yo, on the ones, though- if you got the toastiest toastable slices?
you probably will have the most expert summer supper on your plate.
check it out:

two great molto italiano jauns for my muh-fuhh'n FACE!
the bread was olive-oiled and pan fried,
then grilled on open flames for that full-figured flavor.
a good toast base is key to successful mealtime hottness over here.
that's real.
the bruschetta was ferociously good.
that's a marinated bowlful of orange and red baby grape super-sweety tomatoes,
diced up with a big spoonful of minced red onion,
a handful of fresh-picked and shredded basil,
pink salt, black pepper, balsamic vinegar and exxxtra-virginal olive oil.
i mean, really, bruh.
that's so simple that if you eff it up, you're probably an A*-hole.
and that crostone?
y'boi up here in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress remembers maestro's.
back in the day,
before the grossest local paycheck-crushing hippie joint was in its place,
that italian bistro was the business!
crostone was the 100% mandatory appetizer of yesteryear.
i'm serious.
back when i used to go out to eat, that's one of the few spots i'd regularly hit up.
and those crusty slabs were always a treat.
how did mine measure up?
louder, fresher, and more flavorfully elite, of course.
that's fried sliced garlic with a little minced onion for good measure,
wilted spinach,
and a whole lotta hearty, heavenly salted pan-fried baby bella mushrooms,
all drizz'd all over with olive oil and a lil black pepper.
it's not a complicated process, but it tastes SO freakin' good.
i tore into all of it, because that's what i do,
before walking crabtree through the village to poop on stuff.
because that's what WE do.
P.M.A. doesn't mean you're always happy.
but, it does mean that when things aren't great you keep going forward
until they're great again, without giving in to despair even if you're discouraged.
that's hard.
but, it's also very good for you.
true confession?
i don't like much more than maybe ten things and a dozen people.
so, most of the time, it's a hard time.
i'm grateful for the time i have been given;
for the career path and the opportunities i have every day;
and for the select few worthy warrior poets and active participants that have
managed to stay close over the years of mr. toad's wild-ride-or-die juggernautin'
that threaten to derail and assail the sensibilities of ordinary folks.
if i'm positive, it's because those people make it possible.
i think tattoos and life are a lot alike-
if you want enduring longevity, there needs to be contrast.
light and dark, happy and sad, good and bad.
without the bitter, the sweet is just not as sweet.
rules is rules, man.
if it was all always only good times?
then those'd just be times.
...and that's whack.
i want to appreciate the good because i know the difference.
it counts more if you have a point of opposition to balance the value;
never quiet, never soft.....

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