Tuesday, August 6


imagine having eleven brothers and sisters.
i can't.
i mean,
i may not even have that many friends.
in fact, i know that to be true.
...but my best client from yesterday has that many siblings,
and i guess i think that's kind of cool.
i mean,
too much is the right amount, y'know?
that's just a side note, though.
really, it's all about the good luck elephant tattoo i did.

they don't forget much, and when they've got their up-trunk trumpeting
they represent positive favor from the universe or somethin'.
i did that so she can have that.
i have big doubts that tattoos make a difference,
but they do make my mortgage payments,
and they give me the opportunity to make art and noise
at AMPERSAND TATTOO every day.
so, maybe the good luck is all mine.
i swear i can still do color tattoos.
just in case anybody was interested in those.
whatever, i'll do all the black tattz every day.
they look cool, they heal nice, and they feel like illustrations,
which is nice.
lines on lines and all of that.
big ears, big forehead, big teeth, grey.....am i an elephant?
i can't remember, so probably NOT;
never quiet, never soft.....

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