Thursday, August 8


i thought i would have a luscious bowl of comforting soup.
guess what, though-
i used too many red lentil quinoa gluten free noodles.
that's supposed to be soup, but those starchy too-firm F*ers
dominated the whole damned thing.
i overnoodled, dudes.
like a jam band concert, yfeel me?
not enjoyable.
the veggies were great.
i had onion, garlic, carrot, celery, hot pepper, crushed red pepper, 
rainbow bell pepper, brussies, parsley, sage, basil, tomatoes, and spinach,
plus tomato paste, tamari, umami mushroom powder,
GPOP, vegan broth, and broccoli, too.
a little salt, a little black pepper, and a 
really, if you make a mess of veggie soup, you should probably just like
in a cave and suffer from severe vitamin D deficiency.
it's just a big bath of plants, man.
however, if you add too much high-protein pasta?
well, now your soup isn't so soupy anymore, is it?
i effed up, man.
it tasted great.
it looked halfway terrible.
the pasta was a bummer.
and i went to bed right afterwards.
that's what was going on for the few hours i was awake at home.
rain pouring down,
light fading fast,
sore eyes,
sore body, 
sore feelings,
and a new haircut that really reflects just how badly age and stress have eroded my hairline.
good looks and bad looks,
good food and bad presentation,
hot fire and high humidity...
it's all really happening,
and it isn't much, and it isn't great,
but maybe that's the whole point;
never quiet, never soft.....

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