Thursday, August 1


for the eighth time this year,
i woke up and spoke up and said the magic mutha-effin' words
to cultivate coincidence and attract bold and benevolent fortune and favor
to the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress and to the warrior poetic spirit within it.
that's what you do when you find yourself face to face with the first of the month.
rules is rules,
and they clearly state that you spit out the syllables that summon success
and draw forth that fresh-to-death dopeness all month long.
the day is a new one.
the calendar is on a new page.
the words have been spoken, and that's good news-
rabbit! rabbit!
i said it and now it's up to the secret universal plan to mete out what it thinks is best.
i'll be waiting over here in the kitchen, because that's where i do my second best work.
did you just smirk and assume i meant first place was the bedroom?
no. i'm talking about the studio, man.
AMPERSAND TATTOO has me doing tattz on tattz on tattz every day,
and that's kind of the point of the place.
ANYway, i said the thing.
now, here's a little bitty baby being SO tattoo magical:

really, its her her mama being kind and considerate and thoughtful
that makes this little milkbaby such a good one.
i'm grateful for the tiny parcel of people who participate in my small small world.
they're the bunnies and hares that summon the spirits, really;
never quiet, never soft.....

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