Monday, August 5


space tattoos are tough.
you really gotta hope your client is cool.
i mean it.
because if you aren't doing it all at once
the first pass of the outer-spacey part doesn't have that radiant galactic color.
it's fine.
my clients are cool, so it all works out.

that's her boy swinging in the universe.
and in a few weeks, we'll blast it with all the colorful star magic
and planetary weirdness.
i really enjoy the feeling a little minute before i begin a tattoo like this
because i have NO idea what i'm even gonna do,
and that's exciting to me.
it's an in-the-moment activation of cooperative creativity between me and the client,
and even when there's a whole bunch of making it up as you go,
and family staring at me while i draw,
and the whole shop is full of hang'arounders and weirdies,
it's still pretty expert.
never quiet, never soft.....

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