Friday, August 2


i did another tattoo.
i still i do those.
check it:

birdcage, roses, and there's a lil teapot out back, too.
as usual, i effed up the photo, and it's blurry even though i for SURE thought
it was crystal clear.
that's sorta my thing- y'know?
when my clients need intricate or complicated tattoos,
i do the best i can, man.
then i do a sh!tty job of documenting it.
i like my job a whole lot,
so it's easier to just try my hardest since i'm psyched about being there.
that said-
i may wanna invest in a new camera.
and also, on the real?
i think i might need a little bit of recharge for my F*ing life.
.....maybe in september?
when i'm liking my job, and doing my appointments,
i don't really think about all the extra tattoos i think i have to squeeze in,
or the stress when i'm booked with stuff,
but then cooler ideas wanna get zipzapped during the same spot,
and i wanna be up in the same place twice as much.
i just overbook the day, almost every day-
then i have a tightly packed not-so-tight day to look forward to.
which is also how my whole entire every single day feels, btw.
it's compulsion, of course.
i wanna be everywhere at the same time.
i wanna also do ALLLL the tattoos.
no lunch breaks, no breathing room, just seven straight hours of talking
more than any person has ever needed to,
and making all the little black lines that all the twenty year olds want.
too much is the right amount.
that's the takeaway from these last few weeks.
then again, it's somehow still never enough.
in a baby bit, the busy season is over,
and maybe i'll be able to actually readjust my time management disaster.
i'm missing out, i'm messed up about it,
and i'm trying to squeeze in as much business as i can
because i'm filling in a whole bunch of holes in the bigger picture with busy work;
never quiet, never soft.....

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