Thursday, December 31

444 and i'm out.

four hundred and forty four posts about Folk Life & Liberty
in the remote white mountainous reaches of the great northern woodsly goodness.
that's a lot.
and that's no lie.
we had our share of sandwiches this year, over and over, for weeks on end,
and we had a pair of falafel explosions, at home and at the fair.
the world unfurled it's sails, and set out to escape from my grabbing hands,
but i bit down, and held on,
and now, as the year nears it's end,
and my thirties whittle down to just one last week as well,
i'm forced to look at the life i've got, and the way it's unfolded along the errant
and asymmetrical creases of the origami chaos
of the secret universal plans and blueprints.
today is the day, neighbors.
the last one.
we're saying goodbye to all of the old,
and ringing in some of the new;
although, if the truth is to be told, and it always is,
i'll actually BE old,
and definitively busted as well.
time travel, kids.
it's happening.
we've got hours to go before the most important mantra gets spit out
into the ephemeral ether like a mouthful of magma mist.
i'm putting on asbestos lip balm in preparation for the repetitive syllables
that'll hopefully cultivate fortuitous circumstance throughout the forthcoming leaping year.
i've had a good run, this year,
working especially hard, and especially loud, and impossibly fresh,
just to get what needed doing done in time to turn into a new decade with
an effectively edited encyclopedia of expert edicts under my belt.
there's a whole lot of blank space on which to write a new future.
that's rad.
before all that though,
we've got sparkling cider and hot fire and fancy dinner to enjoy.
tonight is the night,
and we're going out in style.
in addition to all the good things to come,
we've got some pretty great treats to say goodbye to '15 with.
check the coconut-cake-type teleport:

caramelized coconut palm sweetness and brown sugar,
stirred into coconut flour and shredded unsweetened coconut flakes.
they're moist, and thick, like brownies,
and they're really packed with coocnut milk and coconut oil fattiness,
because if we're gonna go out with a worthy winter treat,
it's gonna be a big fat bomb of burly right-angled exceptional activation.
and working towards that meant whipping up some cream-de-coco-style frosting filling,
and swirling some on the surface as well.
that's cute, certainly, but it'snot enough for our fond farewell, now is it?
rules is rules, guys,
and too much is the right amount is foremost among them.
so i also stirred up a fuss, and flipped off a little something extra,
sorta special,
and very crispy, too.
those stars are coconut shortbread, and they're SO good.
that's the way to say sayonara, suckas.
for really real.
we're awaiting what's next.
we've packed our baggage,
we've stowed our supplies,
and we're ready for the good things to come.
i am grateful for the time i have been given,
and for the ones i travel through these spans of time alongside.
today is the last goodbye of the year,
and tomorrow is the biggest hello.
make sure you're ready;
never quiet, never soft.....

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