Tuesday, December 22

wishing upon a maple star.

that's what i'm talking about.
i mean it.
today is day one of the crapricorn moon.
(no, i didn't spell it wrong, if you know one of us, you know that's a thing)
it's also a big day in the world of worthy warrior poetry in motion.
today is the day.
the big day.
.......a berfday.
for serious,
maple star,
my youngest child,
my delightful, insightful, artistic, dramatic, emphatic, ecstatic
and comparatively tall kid, turns fourteen years old.
fourteen years,
in a row, and all of that growth and development,
in character, and in form, function, and flavorfulness,
all  culminates in pizza and cake and sh!t,
and that really happens in just a few short hours,
and one long drive,
and a gathering of hard styles under a hard rain.
word up.
i'm psyched to see my progeny.
i've got some pretty mutha-effing expert offspring,
and i sure as heck am super-turbo grateful for 'em.
i got the inside scoop on teen-aged angst,
hell, i think i may have some lingering leftovers from my own
misshapen and distorted formative years hovering at the periphery.....
i guess i'm good to go when it comes to fourteen year olds.
i hope so,
because this not-so-little one is very important to me,
and i'd hate to miss a step,
or miss out at all on what's up with the world this small leaf grows in.
i think you do.
i love that virtuous viking,
and i've taken a liking to the sense and sensibility maple has.
so much so,
in fact,
that when i was asked for a sunovab!tching strawberry cake,
with lemon frosting,
i complied in full effect, despite having no real inkling
of exactly how to doo-doo that fresa-fueled fresh-to-deathness.
i started confounded,
and ended with a newfound appreciation for fruit-flavored baked goods.
you didn't think i'd drop the ball on a BERFDAY cake, did you?
don't be dumb.
i take care of my peoples.
check the teleport:

strawberry jam, and puree, and powdered freeze-dried strawberries,
with strawberry concentrate,
and a little lemon oil to activate that berry business' bigger and better superpowers.
the cake is pink inside.
i mean, for real,
it is:

that's right.
and that's the result of reddening the batter.
i did it, and i'm not ashamed.
strawberries turn lavender in floury flourishes under ovenly heat,
and a pinkish-grey tint is NOT invited to the party.
no way.
so i turned it up a tad,
and then held both layers together with lemony strawberry frosting.
that's also pink.
the main body of sugary sensuality?
lemon frosting,
the accents?
strawberry, AND lemon-strawberry.
triple treats on top, in varying degrees of fade-away color.
it's expert.
and there're even strawberry chips on there, imbedded in the swirls.
that's a lot?
shuuuuuut up-
rules is rules,
and too much is the right amount.
i'm all about it,
the family is about it,
and hopefully,
you're about to be 'bout it-'bout it, too.
this is What Is:

14 years of this one.
i am grateful for the time i have been given.
i am grateful for the people i span time with.
it's all really happening,
and that's the whole point.
welcome to winter,
welcome to the world of worthy warrior poetry,
welcome aboard the berfday train;
never quiet, never soft.....

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