Tuesday, December 8

slow news

i do this:

and then i do it some more:

and more:

and because too much is the right amount,
i do it again:

c'mon neighbors-
i doubt that those few who remember the last time that
i was all about that custom portrait life recall just how expert
making yourself look foolish is.
it IS.
that's a thing.
i think it's reasonable to believe there is a unifying force in the world,
and that it is composed of echoing energy reflecting and refracting
a full-spectrum prismatic rainbow of intention, attention,
and resonating vibrations of overlapping orbits of spirit and memory.
that's for sure some radical secret universal game theory jauns,
but, i mean,
it isn't all automatically bullsh!t just because it sounds like metaphysical superstition.
i'm just sayin'-
let's assume temporarily that i'm reverberating at the same frequency as the invisible
world that limns that ley lines latticing the longitude and latitudes
absorbing and emanating within our wider waking one.
hold on.
i mean it.
opposites attract.
and magnets repel each other when they have the same polarity.
tell me that i don't get close to completion,
and then somehow watch it all always fall apart
each and every time from some unforeseen but simple undoing
that defeats the success of each endeavor.
it's magnetic werewolf full-moon gravitational doom,
and it's the metal in my mettle that'll test and challenge happiness
one hundred percent of the time.
that sounds like some severe next-level blood-curse crazy person stuff, huh?
what if it's provable?
time seems to support my hypothesis,
so i s'pose we'll continue on apace,
and see what shakes loose-
it's ALL really happening,
and there's no chaos to complicate the outcome-
its predictable.
rules is rules,
even if you don't know 'em.
ignorance of the laws of nature does't negate them,
and nature wins.
never quiet, never soft.....

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