Tuesday, December 22

dark. dark.. dark...

awwww, man.
the sun never showed it's face
not even a dim ray.
no shining, no warmth, no nothin'.....
winter started off darker than usual,
and acrried it's soulless solstice into today.
time is a tough one to tell,
when it's not recorded in light and heat.
when the nighttimes determine the crossover of seasons,
today becomes yesterday,
and both become the first day of winter.
it started off confusing,
and also,
it started off with a whole stack of documents being signed,
sent off,
paid for, in full,
and otherwise accounted for,
in F*ing full effect.
that's a thing.
a whole ream of paper,
collated in sequence,
initialed, and dated, and submitted,
for MY approval, and more importantly,
the bank's approval,
to make some meaningful plans become one step closer to reality.
what do you duders know about mortgages?
oh, really?
well, i just got a new one.
a presumably much better one.
a transfer of the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress from old and busted jauns,
to just the one old and busted warrior poet,
providing for copious quantities of that new-new hottness.
for a few seconds on a windswept sh!t-salad sandwich of a dark and dreary day,
it felt like summer again,
as my favorite place in the whole wide world
became officially, and in a legally binding many-decades-long death pledge,
all the way live, all the way expert,
and all the way mine all mine all mine.
to celebrate,
i burned all the paper products,
and a huge pile of leaves,
all in the firepit, of course,
but with enough smoke to cough up a lung or two for the rest of the night.
check the teleport:

nothing screams out new beginnings like black lung,
am i right?
it's all part of a bigger picture,
but the hot fire is a key component to all of it.
marking the solstice,
activating the Fortress,
removing the past,
replacing the present with a raging barbarian berserker blitzkrieg
of active participation and overactive imagination from the far-flung folds
of an unknowable future.
that's a lot to consider,
in light of the equally compelling argument that i just hate recycling,
so i light everything on fire to remove the need to do so.
at any rate,
the days are passing,
the year is ending,
the season has greeted us,
and what's more,
it's already overstayed its welcome,
and it just got here.
time has elapsed faster than our eyes and hearts can keep track.
we're off book,
under the radar,
outside the law,
and it's all still really happening.
i've signed the forms,
i've paid my fee,
the unfolding universal magic is underway;
never quiet, never soft.....

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