Sunday, December 20

the XI cookies of XImas- 8&9

chocolate is good for you.
that's a thing.
too much is the right amount.
that's another thing.
the XI kinds of crimbo cookies for XImas.
that's a whole other 'nother thing.
and when those three get together and brainstorm,
we get to eat some expert treats.
check the teleport:

we got those chocolate-covered chocolate chocolate chip jauns, neighbors.
that's what's up.
cocoa in 'em,
mini-itty-bitty baby chiplets everywhere,
and ganache on top,
with those holiday sprankles lookin' molto magical, too.
they've got the rock block hottness, with deeper darker doo-doo decadence
dumped into the dough, and drenching the whole dang plate with dopeness.
there's those other other jammie-jammers up there, too.
cinnamon oatmeal drops,
chunky, chewy, hearty heaps of whole grain and spice,
strongly sauced-up with almond drizzle icing.
it's the almond that activates the inner fire.
i dunno, but i can taste it, so it must be real.
and we've got alternating red and green sugar crystal sprankles, too.
i mean,
if you hate sprankles,
that's sort of like saying that ten is loud enough.
don't be dumb, duders.
exxxtra-activation is what makes everything exxxtra-expert.
i think that treats are a good thing.
i also thing that there's no such thing as too much of a good thing.
the veterinarian that interacts with my little battle-barrel-beast
says that crabtree might be eating one or two too many treats.
i can't say for certain that that's true,
but he IS getting pretty flippin' hefty.
37+ pounds this week, and he'll be 4 months old tomorrow.
he's solid,
and he's stout,
and according to her,
he's on the cusp of being a chunky monkey,
it's a minor adjustment here and there to his diet,
and hopefully,
he'll continue apace with his size, upwards, not outwards,
and maintain his limitless stamina and superior sweetness,
but maybe, with time, back off a bit on the biting as a way of saying hello.
the thing is,
he's built just like his sire,
who also happens to be a D&D dwarven battlerager.
check the ghost-of-DMXmas-future-type teleport:

that's a solid dude, y'know?
i guess i indulge my dude.
the trick is to find a way to doo-doo that training shh!t with fewer delicious delights,
and more hugs or something.
i dunno.
i learned a long time ago that if you buy your friends,
you never stop paying.
real talk.
we'll see where the road to physical fitness finds us in the new year,
but i s'pose crabby and i will make the necessary adjustments-
i do what needs doing, whenever it needs doing,
and he has no thumbs, so i predict he'll be obliged to do what i tell him.
it's all really happening,
eleven kinds of treats,
eleven pounds in twenty two days,
eleven days of XImas,
all of it-
and i'm grateful for the time i have been given;
never quiet, never soft.....

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