Saturday, December 19


lookin' through the retouched pictures i send out,
i think it's interesting to note that how i choose to ornament
and decorate and alter my face with colors and patterns
is ALWAYS as a villainous monster.
i guess i know how i'm seen by many,
and i do so terribly hate to disappoint an audience.
seriously, though, neighbors-
it's when you see them all together that the overarching unifying
thematic notes tie the whole big picture into one rogue's gallery of
arch-nemesis and super-bad guys.
check the teleport:

a new league

of enemies

of all good things

ringing in a new era

of ugly mugs

and busted grills

and sour pusses

and doombringing doo-doo butter

and hard styles

and homely all-alonely moments of introspective extroversion,
and password protected sociable but desolate and detached interaction.
i do this sort of thing because i don't think there's much art to a selfie,
but there's great artistry in selfie-destruction.
i mean,
wouldn't want to portray myself as a hero.
because i'm not by any means.
in addition,
i am not very interested in showing anybody just how much forehead
i really have under all these hats, either.
that's no good.
so, instead,
it's monsters and mouths,
and a few minutes of anti-maintenance every morning
so i can show a few folks what stay ugly, stay dope is all about.
word up.
i make myself look worse so that i can't be made to look bad.
picture me however you'd like,
but these pictures paint a much clearer vision of the truth.
inside and out,
i'm closer to the drawings than you might be comfortable with-
dorian grey kept his hidden,
i wear mine as a mask;
never quiet, never soft.....

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