Monday, December 7

timelines and slipstreams

walking, and jogging, and hiking, and trekking, and tracking,
and climbing, and sliding, and striding,
and striving to tire out this little terrible terrier terror
is taking up the majority of my mornings,
and making me loosen my moorings on self-control and restful slumber.
...hey neighbors-
i don't know if i've mentioned,
but i've been spending a whole lot more time outdoors.
i've found the secret trails and sidestreet streams and backyard brooks
that punctuate my neighborhood.
there's a whole lot of wetness hiding just off the roadsides, guys.
and together, crabtree and i have uncovered molto molto miles
of meandering mud, moss, frost-rimed fields, and still-green ferns.
we've been all over and through the woods out back,
and the goodness of our travels has helped the both of us
to get to know each other a whole heck of a lot better.
and also, for the neighborhood to be finally introduced to warrior poetry
after six years of incubating alone in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
the tour we take has been successful,
beyond what i would've imagined.
and every day, we find a new spot to explore, or a new road to turn down,
and there's always somebody who wants to touch my dog.
i mean it.
i wouldn't say i'm making any new friends, per se,
but crabby surely is.
and really after all,
i'd rather he be well-received, and well-socialized, and people-friendly,
because a dog that only likes his owner is great,
but a dog that knows that he's a source of happiness to everybody is greater.
and since he has no experience being a reviled brutal berserker barbarian battle beast,
i'll doo-doo that sh!t:
and he can soak up all the snugs from all the fine morning people
who populate the rte.16a alternate exchange warren
on the eastern slopes of hurricane mountain and thorn hill.
damn that sounds cool.
when we get home,
he's ready to get comfy, and be obstinately oblivious to all the dumb stuff
he knows i'm going to do to him.
that's real.
check the cuteness-overload-type teleport:

awwwwwww, C'MON!!
he's a dear sweet boy,
and my little happy chappie and i have another 'nother long morning adventure ahead of us.
it's all really happening,
and it's time-consuming as F*,
but it's equally rewarding in it's own right.
we go where the road leads, and when we get tired of that,
we go wherever the F* we want.
......except work.
he's still not welcome there for extended periods.
never quiet, never soft.....

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