Friday, December 4

tea cake.

baking cakes makes me feel better.
eating cakes takes those good feelings a whole lot farther.
i've got ALL the cakes,
so i'm medicating my own miserable maw with meted-out treats,
and my whole mood is improving steadily.
black tea is dope.
that's no joke.
a hot cuppa always makes the day a little brighter.
and when i can tea-leaf read the fortunes of a future's worth of days
in the remains of a fermented and rehydrated dose of ceylon and assam,
i'm present and prescient for all the unfolding events in the hours and hours
that roll forth from the warm cup in front of me.
imagine that loud, fresh, hard-styled hottness,
but IN a crumbly lemon ring cake.
that's right.
with lemon on lemon, and more lemon, all throughout,
and simmered black tea-infused soymilk,
and the leaves scattered like shrapnel of an untold, and therefore averted,
fallen, fallow, forlorn and from the mutha-b!tchin' future.
really, it looks sexy,
and it tastes very adult,
and there's no prognosticating allowed beyond the palate.
but, leaves, and steeped drinkies, and lemons forever, and butterisness,
and yogurt, and vanilla, and more lemons.
all that in a cake?
i got you, guys, because i doo-doo that freaky sh!t.
check the teleport:

lemon drizzle, AND zest sprankles?
and that shape neighbors.
that's fancy.
and fancy is good.
if there's lemon everywhere,
and there's tea everywhere,
and all together it's altogether an elite decadence
for your whole hungry, eagerly salivating anticipatorily tongue-tied mouth-
why are there ALSO citrus shortbread cookies?
don't be so mundane and suburban, b!tchlords-
there's MORE treats because too much is the right amount.
that's real.
just cake is fine if you're just an A*-hole.
worthy warrior poets of active participation and overactive imagination
and overreactive temperaments can;t leave well enough alone at good.
good enough is NOT enough.
at least, not if you care about really honestly and truly being the best example
of taking it to eleven.
i even used more than one kind of orange, and lemon,
and they're crispy and they're sweet,
and they sure do tie the whole damned thing together don't they?
i know.
and sure,
it's a pretty cake,
but that picture doesn't lie, kids-
with cookies, it's even better, and that's what i'm all about.
truth tellers can never stop,
and fortune tellers can only predict that boldness
is the only path by which all of fortunes favored sons will succeed.
....and a slice of cake to improve the attitude and outcome of today.
it's ALL really happening, and while it isn't ever exactly easy,
it looks like it could be,
and style points are always awarded for presentation;
never quiet, never soft.....

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