Sunday, December 27

big eats.

too much is the right amount.
that's always and forever.
the directive we follow into the future,
and the mantra we recite every day besides the first of the month.
did XImas breakfast go to eleven?
we weren't about to phone it in like a batch of baby turdlets.
don't be dumb.
i was up early.
as usual.
in fact,
in started the batter for panniecakes,
and baked a bunch of potatoes,
and started the scrambled tofu jauns,
well in advance of the earliest risers...
i guess when everybody else gets a whole bunch of christmases,
it's not a big deal to get up at the break of dawn
and gush over the powerful piles of presents for the second or third time.
so, the pannicakin' bowl rested and relaxed,
and the taters roasted golden and good,
and the nootch seeped deep into the crimbo scram',
so really,
the waiting game proved portentious to my peoples.
yay for them.
we had a big breakfast for our big day.
check the teleport:

brick-hued baconical strippers of card-ishly boardlike planks,
drizzled with real maple syrup,
and our famous coconut-oatmeal heart-and-circle'cakes,
and that nootch-blasted firm and fresh tofu crumblin',
and those homeboy skin-on homefries.
we needed fuel for our faces,
and power for our big presentation.
......and it all worked out perfectly.
i'm so psyched to have a family that really loves food,
and who all are open-minded about the weirdie vegan delights
i've got on offer from the furnaces of the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
the woodsly goodness is seeping into this tasty kitchen,
and we're all better off for it's inclusion into the essence of excellence
we enjoy in our edibles.'d better believe it.
and after a long day of doing fun stuff,
and stuffing our faces,
and unstuffing our stockings,
we gave ourselves a new challenge for the evening-.
dominating a double bag's worth of hefty
uber-deluxXxe turbo-big burly nachooooooooooooooos.
check the overdoing-it-type teleport:

blue corn jauns, and those xochitl fancies,
covered in daiya(rhhea) chee',
and supercharged refried beans,
and homemade taco crumblin' ground browns,
and more chee',
and black beans,
and black olives,
and two kinds of crimbo colored red and green taco sauces ,
and cilantro garnish...
we doo-doo a huge lucha libre layer on layered shark-gluttonous good time.
if you can't hang out with bold flavors and superfresh spicy hottness,
stay home and eat weak sh!t,
we'll just be over here dominating the whole culinary spectrum .
because that's what we do.
either way,
it's all really happening,
and that's the whole freakin' point;
never quiet, never soft.....

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