Thursday, December 10

that's AMORE.

wednesday is notoriously a pasta day.
i'm pretty sure it's a rule where i'm from.
yesterday, i decided to get in the spirit,
and fire up some delicious mackin' 'ronis for my face.
to be fair,
ampy-d had a craving, and i acquiesced to it.
i'm glad i did,
because i brought down the odinson thunder on that plate of pasta, kids.
no jokes.
check the tuttorosso-type teleport:

that's some savage magical never-the-same-way-twice marinara, neighbors.
i mean it.
slow cooked onions and garlic, olive oiled until almost dissolving,
deglazed with red wine vinegar,
and covered with crushed tomatoes.
you know i put the seasonings to it,
and a punch of nootch,
and a pinch of sugar,
because papa knows how to put the hottness to those jauns.
real talk, right there.
it's in my blood.
simmering a pot of sauce is good for the soul,
especially if you've got good bread for dippin' in it.
try it if you're doubtful.
you'll see.
linguini is expert.
thicker than spaghetti,
but not so flat that it flaps around like fettucini.
deliicious, al dente, and dope.
word up.
y'ever heard what they say about it in the old country?
'you don't like 'guini, you ain't sh!t.'
that's no joke.
the real superstar, however,
was that homemade 'meat'ball.
it's-a so a-spicy!
crushed red pepper and black pepper make it pop,
but slooooooooow cooked tempeh, onions, garlic, and diced tomatoes
in brothy barbarian big action, twice-hydrated,
all make it so thick and rich and hearty;
and while that's got the burliness,
it's wheat gluten, garbanzo flour, tapioca, nootch,
and a buttload of italian herbs that make it float across your face
like leaves in the trevi fountain....
the meatballs are bangin' off the meter, though, for serious.
seitan-tempeh triumph, olive oiled, rolled out, and covered in crushed 'matoes,
and just chilled for a few.
they set up, firm up,
and prepare themselves for the ovenly lovin' of my enchanted hotbox.
so, we got our 'guini.
we got our sauce.
we got our spicy meatless ball,
and then we got ourselves some parsley garnish sprankles.
so what else is going on over there?
well, there's a bed of garlic'd kale,
wilted down all italiano-style,
and then, just to urn it up a little more,
and take it to the outer limits of level eleven,
there's cloche-roasted garlic-topped, oil-spread, toasted garlic bread.
dopeness has been activated.
a word up wednesday in honor of both my folks.
they used to get busy as F* making 'ronis and that,
and i had them on my brain all day yesterday.
there's plenty i don't discuss in these single-serving diatribes,
but believe me,
it's ALL still really happening,
and just like chuck-D's uzi,
it weighs a mother-F*ing TON.
i've got that heavy duty,
and many other duties besides;
never quiet, never soft.....

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