Wednesday, April 11


taco tuesday is a good time.
taco tuesday all alone is a little bit less of a good time,
but, i mean,
there's tacos, and salsa, and quick mixed pickles,
so it's not like it's a bad time....
anyway, taco tuesday, man.
for me, and me alone, yet, it's still a multiple pan, multi-layered affair-
what did you think i was gonna do?
chump out and be a pouty little diaperbaby
just because i still can't talk above a whisper,
and it's still freezing outside,
and i was still home all alone?
c'mon, bro.
you should know better by now-
no matter what:
too much is the right amount.
word up.
i did what i DO, dudes-
check the teleport:

solamente soft flour, kids.
i know what i like, and it sure-as-sh!t ain't crunchy corn crap crumblers.
rules is rules-
and that applies to the quick pickles, the salsa,
AND the tortillas.
i rep fancy tacos, almost as hard as i rep Folk Life & Liberty;
and the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress is a hotbed for both...obvi.
i had half a block of tempeh, cubed up, and hydrated in half a cup of broth,
with smoked paprika, hot paprika, cayenne, cumin, coriander,
soy sauce, black pepper, and agave-
that's how you get sweet and spicy glazed hottness.
for realsies, if you simmer all that until the liquid is absorbed,
and add a glug of olive oil, it's caramelized on the surface and soft in the center.
i also activated the cauliflower with a whole mess of rainbow peppers-
red, orange, yellow, green, and hot peppers, and scallion bottoms,
sizzled and steamed in ho'sauce, oil, and a splash of water,
plus oregano, cilantro, and black pepper.
like, five minutes unlidded in a pan, and five minutes covered-
that's it.
i wish i was more involved in the big action last night-
but i had crabtree running around, and my throat was throbbing,
but i was determined to get the good light before it got dark...
oh, my big, bright, bright, bright lightbulb burnt out.
so, i gotta get dinner done before dark, or my documentation will be
badly-lit and blurry until the next one gets delivered.
-lightbulb problems-
that's the big woe of the next few days, guys.
taco tuesday is great.
dressing up your little toasted circles with color and texture and flavor is a good thing.
nobody wants UNfancy tacos.
unless they're simpletons or suckers.
and that's not us, is it?
no way, neighbors.
we're involved and invested even in the most distracted moments.
that's because everything we do deserves to be expert.
i had all the ingredients in place,
i had limited time,
i had no ability to sing along or speak my mind,
so i did all of it in silence,
with a few literal bells and whistles to distract the dog.
my voice has a little bit of a croak, a little louder than a whisper,
and that's encouraging.
who knows?
maybe all the loud, fresh, hardness will return by tonight.
in other news, at the earliest of hours,
right at the cusp of late night's crossover into tomorrow,
kayla surprised me from a deep and fitful slumber-
standing over me like a murderer while i leapt to a defensive position.
of course, i couldn't even shout in alarm,
so she laughed while my heart exxxploded inside my ribcage.
pretty sweet.
so, i'm back on track, and we're back together, and it's all really happening,
and all of that is just what i need;
(almost) never quiet, never soft.....

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