Friday, June 8


thai thursday!
i doo-doo that spicy sh!t, and it does something for me.
wordimus prime...
i even had company over, which was tight-
sharing is caring, man- so i guess i was pretty busy caring yesterday.
check it out:

all the usual exxxtras are here in full effect-
two-tone sossamon sesame sprankles!
scallion and cilantro and basil sprankles!!
cashew sprankles!!!
radishes and cucumbers and lettuce and purple effing cabbage!
jasmine rice, and orange-hearted purple carrots!
that's all good.
then, there's all that stir-fried hottness...
sesame oil in a hot pan smells fantastic-
and grilled cabbage is pretty rad, too.
sweet potato is also freakin' awesome, man.
so when that's sizzlin' away, you're almost obligated to go further
with all the veggie goodness, and boost it up with MORE of everything.
that's real.
so, that's what i did, because i keep it real in this kitchen.
we got tomatoes, we got red onion, we got baby kale.
there's sweet peppers, hot peppers, more purple cabbage, minced garlic,
and fresh-skin-on ginger, plus purple carrot, and cilantro stems-
...and then there's the muh-fuhhhh sauce, bro.
because a hot fire sauce is the key to expert activation.
you know the basics already, because i am predictable in that regard:
1 T sriracha;
2 tsp sesame oil;
2 T rice vinegar;
2 T tamari;
1/2 tsp ea. GPOP, ground mustard, dried ginger, ground coriander;
black pepper, sriracha flakes, dried basil and cilantro by eye, guys;
2 T mae ploy sweet chili sauce;
1 T light agave;
2 T lime juice.
stirred, and whisked, and shaken and doused on those veggies,
lidded and allowed to steam a bit....
neighbors, here's the thing:
i was entertaining, i was adding water to the pan to soften the sweet potatoes,
i was all over the effing place-
what did i do, exxxactly?
i made some radical gluten-free spicy thai bowls.
beyond that, it was rote muscle memory and controlled chaos.
i just kept stirring the pot, or the pan, really, and adding more purple stuff.
too much is the right amount,
that's all i kept thinking while i attempted to be engaging and inclusive,
but also,
while i repped that cooking-show-style island-divided audience vs author vibe.
y'all stay on that side of the kitchen, and let y'boi do his thing.
that's more to my liking,
let me loose, and stay out of my way,
and i promise i'll find some way to include you in the bigger picture.
like- sorry, and also, you're welcome, if you catch my drift.
it's always a series of checks and balances, buddy.
it all costs something, and if you aren't prepared to pay?
then you can't have it.
that's how i look at all of my interactions throughout every day.
y'ever meet somebody so perfect, except for that ONE enormous obstacle?
that's pretty cool, huh?
how about the infinitely available, but otherwise incompatible individuals
who deserve the attention of someone who syncs into their rhythm,
but who want to try to match up with your flow?
that's almost worse, right?
so, if there's somebody expert but inaccessible,
that's superior,
even if only because that's confirmation of the existence
of real-time real-life active participants and worthy warrior poets...
...even if they're not for you.
in my eyes,
it's better to know they're out there,
independently operating at level-eleven excellence.
the alternative is to assume that everybody is not that,
and everybody is a whole unholy helluva lotta bodies to be out of step with.
that's the truth.
so here i am, these days.
with less of what's good, but comforted knowing that there's good out there,
i'm not alone, i'm lonely,
i'm home, and i'm homely,
it's all really happening,
and that's the whole point;
never quiet, never soft.....

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