Tuesday, June 12


mexican monday or taco tuesday?
i'm not sure which is invited, because i sorta spanned over into both in one meal.
sound good?
well, then, let's keep it going: how about crabtree crapcheeks?
hmm? oh, you no idea what that is??
then lemme tell you-
that's when your dog exxplodes in every direction,
for the however-manyieth time this year,
after eating something dreaded and deadly.......again....
in an attempt to take himself out of the equation permanently.
sound good?
you're definitely NOT interested?
weird. i guess maybe that's just exclusively my lucky burden.
i was home early, but not early enough to prevent a barbecues butthole
from basting the dog and his surroundings in sh!t.
a serious decontamination, and a secondary wipedown, later,
and a long, soapy shower for the milky boi and myself,
and finally, dinner was ready to get underway.
surprisingly, my enthusiasm was diminished somewhat.
crazy, right?
i know.
ANYway, i still got into some things, despite my appetite being dampened
by prior doo-doo buttery doings.
after a day that should've been a day OFF,
which turned into 5 hours of tattooing instead,
coming home to a disasterpiece cleanup extravaganza was lame.
flatbread flap-bread tortillas gordos did kind of save the day.
check the teleport:

that's habanero, jalapeno, poblano, serrano, and sweet baby bell,
sauteed in a glug of olive oil with sweet onion, exxxtra-firm tofu, sweet potato,
and all the right seas'nin's- GPOP, oregano, cumin, coriander seed, hot paprika,
smoked paprika, ho'sauce, cilantro stalks, and lime by the squeezeful!
one pan is all you need.
in fact, prior to all the goods, i even fried up those flattie breads, too-
flour, water, salt, olive oil, and baking soda are all it takes.
how much of each?
i dunno.
i effed it up, and has to keep adding sh!t.
i'm not perfect by a long shot, neighbors,
but i do what i can to correct my mistakes.
in the end, i had a pair of perfect thiqqq-thickies to stuff with stuff.
so, it ended up being dope, and i'm okay with that.
with shredded purple cabbage, and lots of leafy cilantro,
tomato, radish, and AVO-F*ING-cado, bro.
for being a thrown together hot mess, it was also muy experte.
i'll take that, gladly.
y'all ever just throw it all in one place, and cross your fingers?
i'm not sad about it.
and when it works, you feel like you've got the touch.
and as far as things i touched yesterday,
those two tacoish treats were the most satisfying part.
no foolin'.
today is the day.
it always is, really.
the future is nowhere,
and the past is occurring just as fast as the present is passing it,
which is instantaneous, isn't it?
so, there's just this and that's all.
nate got me thinking about it,
and now i'm wondering if the fickle and finite nature of time is totally subjective,
and the infinite nature of our selves is absolute in it's determinism of the imaginary future.
maybe i just woke up too early,
or maybe this is a pre-walk existential crisis,
or maybe i'm just fired up on irish breakfast tea?
here's where i'm at-
it's all really happening but by the time you notice, it's already happened.
which means that a storied past is the only way to know
that your present self did anything right.
i guess that means it's juggernautical berserker navigation
of the white-water of my grey matter,
as i crash across perception, interpretation, and action, all F*ing day long.
today is the day, again,
a nowhere future, a crescendo of overlapping presences in the present,
and a past that forecasts the next step in the sequence.
it's right now or never;
never quiet, never soft.....

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