Sunday, June 24


i didn't even make real pie crust.
it turns out that in the rain, in the morning, in a haze,
i'm just making sh!t up-
doin' things we don't even care about-
out here eatin', bakin', y'know, doing mornin' stuff...
why is that a thing?
because rules is rules, and i had dinner plans,
which meant i HAD to make somethin' beforehand,
so that i produced a valuable bit of creativity for the day before the day even really began.
i do that, neighbors.
it's a thing.
check the teleport:

summery strawberry galette goodness, guys.
that's what's up.
rustic crust? i got you.
black-bottom big-booty chocolate activation? i GOT you.
fresh, fat, juicy strawberries? man, i GOT you.
i had the oven roarin' at 405 luscious fahrenheit degrees.
four oh five. tha's right. five exxxtra, just because.
i made that dough up quick-fast and in a hurry,
and it was great.
i wasn't surprised, but i was pleased, if you feel me.
there were maybe almost 2 cups of flour. i didn't measure it.
and a scoop of powdered sugar- no idea how much.
and the last sprinklin' of raw sugar- again, it was just a little shake.
a big scoop of vegan butter- it might've been half a cup? i honestly dunno.
a little salt, a splash of vanilla, and a whole lotta choppin' with a pastry cutter.
lastly, i poured in two glugs of non-dairy milk.
is that a recipe? barely. is that what happened? actually.
i'll say this- i wish i did document it better,
because it was the crunchiest, crispiest, and most expert one i've had in a minute.
the filling? oh. right. how do we get what's inside it?....
it's a handful of mini chocolate chips, and a pile of sliced starwberries, man.
it's fine.
and simple. and fresh.
and delicious.
i baked it for thirty minutes, and ate it in under two.
that's the right call, y'all.
after all. too much is the right amount.
one galette, for my face, please and thank you...
it's been a bust summer, and it's only been like, three days.
i had dinner with some friends last night (it was pizza),
and we laughed and talked and did people-stuff, like people do.
i had almost forgotten what that's like.
it was good, guys.
being a regular person for a night was a nice diversion from my normal regimented routine.
i'll be back on the grind again today, though-
to be sure, working less feels worse........and i'm not trying to feel worse.
not one bit.
what i want is some big fun, but, in a controlled environment.
that's what AMPERSAND TATTOO is for me.
a concentrated self-contained hottness exxxplosion, all for me,
and you, should you choose to be there, too.
all i really count on is that i'll be at the spot, with all i've got,
and i'm ready, and willing, to interact in that intimate environment
as an artfully articulate ambassador of real-life documentarianism.
conversation is inclusive, and no purchase is necessary.....
irregular person stuff is even better, man;
never quiet, never soft.....

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