Saturday, June 16


it's saturday!
that might mean something to you,
but every day is my monday,
so every day is no more or less exciting than the next.
there's no working for the weekend for me, man.
there's just another day doing all the things that need doing. 
there's no difference between monday #1 and monday #7-
except that everybody wants to get tattooed on two of the days we're open 
so much more so than on all the others, 
and traffic outside the studio is a jam twice a day 
at lunchtime and dinnertime all summertime long.
yup. mondays 6 and 7 are really really busy,
and monday prime is pretty low-key,
but as for me, personally, over all? 
it's all the same-
all work, no play, every day....and eat all the food at every meal every single day-
i try to make the most of the time i'm spanning,
and the space i'm occupying.
today is the day, 
just like every day, neighbors- and pursuing a bigger, better, more expert version
of myself is what i'm doing with it. 
there's really not a moment to waste.
last night, 
instead of celebrating the weekend (because wtf is a weekend) 
i celebrated being the hungriest one in the woodsly goodness.
and when you're celebrating the presence of a monstrous appetite, 
the only way to party is with a massive mountain of food.
here's the thing-
i could've been a big fat sloppy mess,
but instead i was a champion of plant-based whole food hottness-
honestly, i needed something fresh, clean, new, and nourishing-
and i needed a LOT of it,
AND i wanted it to be anything other than italian food.
don't get me wrong, it was a delicious span of time up until now-
but i wanted less dough and more dopeness.
so, i went POKÈ!
a bowlful of freshie-freshness, 
to fill up and fuel the furious, ferocious furnace deep inside my F*ing soul, bro.
check the teleport:
this was a good monday #5 dinner, for sure.
i mean, c'mon.
would you just look at it:
that's a LOT of food, dudes.
and no jokes, i took down 100% of it,
and then some.(it wouldn't all fit in one bowl...shoutouts to seconds, b)
and the all-star lineup?
tight and TILTY af, man:
tricolor quinoa! 
and i don't even really like quinoa!
but it did the job, and gave me all the good stuff, and plant-based protein, 
and blah blah blah, plus, it kept the whole flippin' thing gluten-free, which was cool, too.
purple and green cabbage shreds!
jalapeno rings for kick and punch and slaps to your palate.
crawnchy zesty radishes, to give it some bite.
cucumbers, because of nutrients, i guess?
yellow-hearted purple carrot, for off the charts toothsome fiber activation.
mixed leaf lettuce, to look cool, really.
sprouts for nutrient-dense roughage.
tomato for color.
red onion which was, frankly, a F*ing bummer- soooo sharp....
luckily(?) it's not as if i had a makeout party to attend, 
as it would have been ruined by the onion assault that lingered 
long after the thrill of pokè had passed.
because, i mean, for really-real, avocado makes you more awesome, and that's a fact.
toasted two-tone sesame seed sprankles? yep.
and scallion sprankles, too? ...obvi.
too much is the right amount.
which is also why there's THREE more magical additions to the bowl, buddy.
olive-oil grilled sweet potato wedges
every side got given the gift of a bit of a browning, and the soft, succulent,
sweetness was welcomed with an open mouth and sharp teeth. is that how welcoming works? i hope so.
smoky, spicy chick peas!
that's a cup of chickies, and a spoonful of coriander, a dash of ground dry mustard,
black pepper, olive oil, GPOP, and a scoople of smoked hot paprika,
all tossed together with a pinch of cilantro, 
and cooked on high heat just until they start to pop a little.
they're sorta meaty, really flavor-packed, and they're roundish,
which switches up the textures so you're getting MORE awesomeness in every bite.
seriously, what kind of an A*-hole wouldn't like that?
and that teriyaki tofu is essential!
exxxtra-firm tofu, sizzled up on all sides with a spoonful of toasted sesame oil-
then drenched in a glaze of our own invention-
ok. it's actually pretty much all the stuff you'd expect-
2 T wheat-free tamari;
2 T rice vinegar;
1 T ho'sauce;
2 cloves crushed garlic;
1 T agave;
2 T lime juice;
1 tsp toasted sesame oil;
1/2 tsp ea GPOP;
black pepper, sriracha flakes, to taste.
there's nothing like an essentially guiltless cauldron of food,
no matter how much you eat, it's still super good for you in every way,
so there's no upper limit to how much you should munch up.
and if there's a ton of it, i'll eat a ton of it-
i'm like that,
and i like that, 
because i need to eat allllllll the sexxxy vegan food.
i do.
it's the brightest spot in my day.
...followed immediately by a short trip into town, 
so that crabtree and i can socialize, at arms' length, 
with the visitors and denizens of this mountain vale.
we walk a lot.
or, more accurately, i walk, and he gets dragged, or whatever.
but you get the idea.
we're out and about, doing our thing, and peeing on stuff.
that's how we unwind after work and dinner.
every day is the same.
i don't hate it, but there needs to be something new.
not for the novelty, but by necessity.
if there's no change, there's no evolution, only refinement.
and i need to GROW outwards, not just improve inwardly.
maybe today is the day that happens?
i told you, every day is the day,
and today is one one 'em;
never quiet, never soft.....

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