Saturday, June 23

three of a kind

so, this was a thing:

holy sh!t.
what a wild whirlwind mini minute away from the woodsly goodness!
and harvest graduated the F* outta that high school jaun, neighbors.
there were waaaaaaay more speeches than i remembered,
and most of them took waaaay longer than anybody could possibly care about.
every person welcomed the students, families, faculty, and staff-
and hour and half in, i got you, bro, we've been welcomed, a lot.
but, damn, if i wasn't proud as heck:

hours of extra driving? suicide dog trying to get us killed?
traffic out the A*-hole in every direction? 90℉+ temperatures?

worth it.
candid spycam shots of us taking a selfie?
was i a teary-eyed turd for most of the time?
you bet i was! ....obvi.
strong people with strong feelings- that's a family tradition-
but, i've got powerfully overwhelming emotions bursting out of my heart
whenever i'm with my children.
and both of them made it super expert for their dear old dad.
for real.


they're better kids than i would've imagined i could produce.

they're better people than i've ever been, and i work on that sh!t daily.
too much is the right amount,
and they're overpowerfully awesome in all the best ways.
i cold go on, but i'm already a day behind schedule for my ordinary life in these mountains.
it goes by too quickly.
there's a reason everybody says that;
i'm grateful as F* for what i've been given-
and i'm thrilled to the gills that these girls are mine!
never quiet, never soft.....

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