Friday, June 1


the first words out of my mouth?
rabbit, rabbit!
rules is rules.
and it's the first of the month, man;
which means that that's the first order of business,
no matter what.
you say the nmagic F*ing words, nerds,
or you risk bringing in the jinx.
and if you don't believe in jinxes,
then you kinda deserve all the jinxes you end up with, bro.
real talk.
but me?
i'm not tryin' to eff my own A* through neglect and dereliction, dudes.
no way.
so i said it, spoke, and spat, and sprayed the syllables into the sky,
summoning all the good vibes and positive energy
and fortunate flavorful fresh-to-deathness down from out of the secret universal aether,
so that i can bask and bathe and super-saturatedly soak in the bold gold
of a sorcerer's spell for success.
it was thai thursday again.
it shows up, like, once a week which is kinda neat.
and this time,
even though i LOVE the spicy noods,
and would normally boil up a big ol' batch of those slippery suckers-
i went for a big action-activated buddha bowl instead.
check the teleport:

for real, though.
there's about a cup and a half of jasmine rice on the bottom.
that's good.
in a very hot pan, with a fat scoop of raw coconut oil,
i fried up half a sweet potato, cut into wedges,
until two out of three sides of each were browned.
that's good, too.
i toasted some cashews, for sexxxin' up the bowl at the end.
i even got out the red and green lettuce leaves,
shredded some purple cabbage,
sliced up cucumber and radish and purple carrot,
sliced into a jalapeno, some green onions, and lots of cilantro,
plus got the small leaves form some fresh basil,
all for spranklin',
and turned up the taste and the heat and the sweet to eleven.
and that was before i added the spinach, celery, onion, scallion tips, carrot, and peppers
to the sweet potatoes, and they all got fried up in the sriracha garlic ginger sauce, man.
the sauce had it poppin'-
as most thai-style jauns in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress usually do-
2 T sriracha;
2 T mae ploy;
1/2 tsp GPOP, ground coriander seed, dried ginger, dried basil, dried cilantro;
1/2" skin-on organic ginger bulb, minced;
3 cloves sliced garlic;
1 tsp sesame sossamon seeds;
2 tsp sesame oil;
2 T rice vinegar;
2 T tamari;
2 T lime juice.
when you've got a good sauce, you can't go wrong.
no need to measure the veggies.
just ask yourself: how hungry am i?
and then make a little bit MORE than that.
too much is the right amount, and that's the truth.
what else?
i'll tell you what else:
AVO-F*ING-CADO, neighbors!!!
that's how you doo-doo the really real doo-doo, dude.
any day in june, goon.
that's what i keep telling myself.
any day is the day.
and every day is the right day.
and today is the first one of 'em.
this is it.
it's still always all really happening,
with or without your consent, even.
the only real choice that matters is:
how invested and involved are you in the processes of your own life?
worthy warrior poets, and activated active participants,
are the only ones invited to my makeout parties, y'heard?
no spectators, passengers, procrastinators, or know-nothin'-do-nothin' poop butts.
i mean, c'mon-
i said: rabbit rabbit.
now lets's attract some excessively expert awesomess;
never quiet, never soft....

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