Saturday, June 23


it's just a F*ing salad, man:

i mean, really, it's mostly just wet leaves.
yeah, it was crunchy;
yeah, that tofu was crispy;
yeah, those seeds were glazed with agave and black pepper;
yeah, man, salad is good af.
yeah, man, white balsamic vinegar is some tasty stuff;
salad doesn't have to be a bummer, bro-
even though it's a raked up pile of leafy greenery,
it's still really effin' delicious.
y'feel me?
now, let's not lose too much time over it.
appreciate that salad is NOT for A*-holes,
and move forward from there.
my salad days are long past,
by my salad days are still in full swing;
never quiet, never soft.....

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