Tuesday, July 9


all talk and no walk?
all bark and no bite?
all flash and no bang?
no way, neighbors.
warrior poetry is always in motion.
there are lots of words out there in the world.
i happen to know a great many of them...
for all my casual acquaintance with noun and verb,
and my risque encounters with adverb and adjective,
it's actions that always speak louder.
every time.
and that's precisely why i do what i do.
the crashing crescendo of my synced and syncopated
strong-armed stormchasing and simultaneous savoir faire
should be blowing out eardrums in every direction.
preaching is just fine as long as you wreak what you're speaking on.
there's just as much weight and value in making sure it all ties together-
true stories and right actions and events proceeding as promised.
in practice, in deed,
and in the folds and wolds of the woodsly goodness,
it's ALL really happening.
i just tell the stories well.
and i tell them loud fast and hard.
if the actions that created them had more volume,
i don't even know how far past eleven we're capable of going-
but i'm willing to try.
i say what i mean and i do what i say.
that's important.
if i say i'm bad at girls,
watch and see my stiff-arms'-length way of interacting.
if i say i love plants,
come over and watch my thumbs hitchhike towards greener pastures
on the inner and outer sides of the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
so, if i say it's tart tuesday, and that's a thing now?
then that's a thing now.
i get up early and get going, guys.
if i tell you i love you,
you'be better believe that spirit and memory and lightning
and gratitude and generosity are all headed your way.
anyone can just speak the words, after all.
it's how you enact the edicts, verdicts,
and sovereign decrees of your own free will and fiery furnaces
that determine if you're a weak-sauce waterbaby
or a berserker barbarian battle beast.
don't just talk about it, friends-
be about it.
......and if i say you're Off The List?
don't act surprised when you become invisible.
love and hate are never ever for no reason.
go ahead and ask why.
i've got hot words and harsh language and passionate speech
in equal measure to open arms and closed fists.
word up, indeed.
oh, C'MON;
never quiet, never soft.....

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