Thursday, July 4


happy berfday, 'merica.
i'm reppin' U.S.A. today duders.
red, white, and bluing?
we GOT they.
we GOT they.
we mutha-F*ing GOT they!
check the patriotism-type cupcake teleport:
that's right, neighbors.
one hundred and eleven percent expert.
you know you like those red round sprankles.
that's because they're dope.
i added on those dollopy drops of goobieblopped frosting swirls,
and the blue glitter-sugar sparkles.
i mean, if it's not gonna be ugly, it had better get twice as activated.
and as a secret surprise on the insides, kids?
get ready-
there's custom strawberry creme filling, too.
fresh strawberries, whisked into fake cream chee',
with powdery sugar, and vanilla, and lemon (for maximum activation),
and a small splat of strawberry jam?
i get a little fancy when i start stirring sh!t up in my kitchen.
y'know why?
because expert recognize expert.
that's a thing.
the cucch is here!
that's right b!tchbags,
me and my main man are going tandem on a whole day
of super-elite sunshiny holiday birthday partying.
for realsies.
our parties aren't like your parties.
at all.
but ours always have cake.
you guys know what part is the best part?
heterolifemate active participation.
and what's even better than that?
explosions in the sky.
just add in bike rides and giant cigars and hard mutha-lickin' styles,
and before you know it,
you've got yourself a paean of warrior poetry in motion.
events ensue in a logical order,
in ever-increasing momentum and magnitude.
an avalanche of really real life and Liberty.
we're on that.
today is the day, friends.
i've got my best friends, and the best treats,
and a whole day to get super fresh.
it's all really happening;
never quiet, never soft.....

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