Tuesday, July 30


today is actually tart tuesday,
AND national cheesecake day.
that's real.
looks like there will be a whole lot of bakery-type activation today.
i mean,
it is two kinds of a thing, after all.
and honestly,
after a brutal week or barbaric battle-beasting through sleepless nights
and harder styles than normal with worse workplace work pace than usual
and nothing but on-point non-stop warrior poetic comedic tragedy as my
soliloquy's sole source of subject matter,
i'm looking forward to putting on my apron and getting really F*ing busy
with my cookie crumbs and pastry cremes and red-hot oven sh!t.
i need it.
freestyle creative participation in sugary savant format?
the routine i rep is one of immediate action and few rewards.
because i have to.
neighbors, i'm just sayin'-
rules is rules.
while i was not sleeping all week,
my head got a little clouded over with a temporal haze.
time stops mattering when light and dark are composed of exactly the same
acts and instances over and over and over and over.
it gets a little confused in my head after a few days of being awake.
shawn and amy came up from massachussetts for a sleepover party.
yeah, shawn, from minneapolis.
yeah, i thought it was next week.
yeah, his early morning message surprised me,
since it was presumably seven days early.
i could've let that week-early impromptu misdirected misconception derail me.
i could've let them pick up some groceries on their way up.
i could've just gone out to eat.
i could've done a whole lot of things.
and maybe i even should've,
but i didn't because that's what poor people do.
i'm up-here rich in the first place,
and in the second,
i cannot ever let that weak sauce water down the funtimes i span.
like, at all.
y'know why?
because i go to eleven.
don't be dumb.
grocery shopping at 8:30 in the morning?
prepping dinner at 9:30 a.m.?
ripping into the cooking, immediatley upon arriving home at p.m.?
F*ing right, y'all.
and still not eating until 9 at night?
sixty dumplings and two sauces doesn't afford us instant gratification,
but it does give us a trough of flavor grenades for our faces!!!
pre-game teleport:
we do what we do because that's all there is.
conversation and cuisine and Folk Life & Liberty in the Fortress.
that's what i love the most.
that and a couple fancy oatmeal waffles first thing in the morning.
gratitude and generosity are the hallmarks of a good host,
and waking up to the wafting aroma of waffles is a good place to start.
i doo-doo that extra little somethin'-type sh!t.
i really appreciate the people who overlap all along and inside
the circles of spirit and memory with me,
helping hollow holes become whole.
i mean it.
it's all really happening,
but without all of y'all, it doesn't mean anything;
never quiet, never soft.....

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